1st Photo working with the 2nd Themes of Grief [1989 research, thematic analysis of grief phenomena by Susan Carter.
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  • Intriguing and compelling, Linda. Thanks so much for sharing. I feel like I'd look at this more and contemplate it! It feels very archetypal...

  • Good morning Alexandra - no nose or leg pulling from me and there is no way I could be aware of any images "possible meanings" unless the author is willing to share....not an assumer or speculator nor educated concerning ancient myths.  I have no plans for writing any books.  

    We are coming from different times, postures, work stations.  Wow - your Dad buying belongings of Jung and Hesse - have you read them?  My husband is the history buff and shared a little of what he knows of "Hesse's life."

    My submission of images and posts all come from my life's work-related or personal experiences...no ideas or imaginary material as you state ...lots of numinous, surreal, shock/trauma recovery + helping stuff.  That was my world of work for half a century.  First heard, studied and applied "Fredian" dream analysis stuff in a young adult psychiatric unit in 1965!  We all align ourselves with what fits for us or our work-related role/function and as there was "discipline" choice, I aligned with existentialism, never was an avid Freudian or Jungian.

    So as far as "fun, disturbance to go over the top and edge with imagination....was not something I could entertain on my past path....I'm now coming from the depths of my heart and soul to share...all I share are true stories from across my lifetime of experiences, the aftermath effects and the long road of recovery + healing - the gems gleamed out of the darkness.  

    I found Susan Carter's research on the 9 Themes of Grief in 1989 and my blog is to simply share with DPA these themes along with how it helped me [people I had and continue to serve] in healing.  I remain existentially and experiential love bound.  My life's experiences is what I can speak to [try] have to offer, shall remain my sharing in DPA.  

    I remain a practical, front-line service kind of gal, in retirement transition and not too interested in intellectual or academical debates...at this stage of my life...I am interested in deep heart + soul connections and conversations.  Have a great day.  

    P.S.  It is common for survivors of traumatic lifetime experiences to say, relate or describe - the void or black-hole sense of their experience.  I have had two which I will share in time.  Regards Linda

  • Good morning Aleksandar - yes, I saw Interstellar a couple of weeks ago, however, I did not consider contracting the themes contrasting black hole bereavement with black hole space science fiction depictions noteworthy in the movie.  Thanks for the connection between the two.  Maybe you can speak to the black hole science fiction details.   There are 18 photos, 2 poems, 1 song and one sketch connected with the "hurting" theme I put together to help describe the details of my black hole bereavement experience of 1992.  

    Ah yes, what to say about "The Grey" - profound!  Peace + Love Linda

    and if I consider the space journey going through the Black hole in comparison with going into the black hole of bereavement...I will need to re-watch and pay attention to the interstellar black-hole journey

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