Garden Gnome and Tinker Bell

I gave the garden gnome the portrait of Carl Jung.According to Carrie Hughes"Fairy tales are inextricably linked to the work of Carl Jung. The “collective unconscious” that lies at the core of his work, and which he believed is shared by all human beings, is revealed through archetypes, forms and symbols found in ample evidence in fairy tales. Some Jungians argue that one reason fairy tales appeal to children is that they are in a stage of their development only slightly removed from deeper layers of the collective unconscious. Jungian therapists study fairy tales to help analyze the dreams of their patients. Jung’s disciples have gone on to interpret fairy tales as lives in miniature, suggesting, for example, that each character within a tale may represent an aspect of personality."Original image of Tinker Bell is by Yves Tennevin and is used under a Creative Commons license.
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  • Hi William - how wonderful, loved tinker bell + her pike dust wand in the movie.  Great descriptor quote from Carrie Hughes.  Thanks so much and I'm wondering what theme would this magically slip into?  Peace + Love Linda

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