Gus Redbook

First Encounter at JungHaus, Columbus Ohio
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  • Thanks Randy,

    I'll try to find the Red Book show...I'm still new to this site...What's CBC stand for?
    I'll look for your post.

    I feel like a kid in a candy store, grateful to my friend Joe Carter for suggesting I visit Depth Psychology Alliance.  So many gems and so little time...

    Not so much a Red Book seminar as my first hands on experience with the unchained master piece...that I've been waiting to be released from the vault.  Waiting since 1996 when Christian Baumann told me it was locked up and never to be released...upsetting news since I never imagined it would be sequestered.  He didn't say why leaving me to guess that it contained unfavorable family secrets...or whatever.  It never occurred to me that his family misunderstood his instruction to keep the dream journal safe did not mean ban it from publication rather simply don't destroy it.  I prefer now to believe he fully intended it to be shared.  Any thoughts?

    Every Wednesday four of us gather at the JungHaus (Columbus, OH) seated around it discussing things Archetypal Psychological.

    auf Wiederschreiben!

    Gus :-)

  • That's a real fine book you got there, Gus. It looks like you went to a great seminar. I am writing up my comment to the recent Red Book radio show post in the forum. It links to a CBC show that featured Sonu Shamdasani, among others. I hope you can listen to it. As a fan of The Red Book, I enjoyed it.

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