Gus Brunsman commented on Barry Spector's blog post Barry’s Blog # 129: White Privilege
There's a saying: If you're going to speak the truth, keep your horse at the door.
Thanks for speaking."
Apr 17, 2015
Gus Brunsman commented on Barry Spector's blog post Barry’s Blog # 129: White Privilege
"Thanks, Barry,
for your excellent treatise well worth printing and sharing!
I greatly admire your ability to perceive the subtleties of the tools of domination.
Best wishes,
Apr 6, 2015
Gus Brunsman commented on Johanne Schwensen's event FREE Webinar about Schelling and Psychoanalysis
"Sure would like to listen as well to the recorded webinar, bitte, Johanne Schwensen.
Mar 2, 2015
Gus Brunsman commented on Barry Spector's blog post Barry’s Blog # 109: The Myth of Immigration, Part 6 of 7
"Thanks, Barry,
for you insight-filled essay!
Gus :-)"
Oct 2, 2014
Gus Brunsman left a comment for Randy Westfall
"Not so much a Jung Club as a Friends of Jung Association...
I'm not aware there are any Friends of Freud Associations.
JACO has a 3 story house (JungHaus) with library, art gallery, bookstore, therapist offices. "
Aug 11, 2014
Gus Brunsman commented on Gus Brunsman's photo
"Thanks Randy,
I'll try to find the Red Book show...I'm still new to this site...What's CBC stand for?I'll look for your post.
I feel like a kid in a candy store, grateful to my friend Joe Carter for suggesting I visit Depth Psychology Alliance.  So…"
Aug 10, 2014

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  • Lovely to have you in the community, Gus. Thanks for sharing your photo, and hope you enjoy the community! Say hi to Barry!

  • Hi Gus,

    I think the CBC stands for Canadian Broadcast Corp. which might be Canada’s main TV station. The Red Book thread is at the top of the forum page here, so you will find it. 

    Just like you, I feel a bit like a kid in a candy store, as a new member here. I’ve posted just a few things that are interesting me right now and have discovered that normally, the pace of the website seems to be very slow, which you will see. 

    I’m not sure if I will post my dream journal content here but have considered it. I will at least share some of those experiences but may do something else with it. At Depth Alliance, I have listened to radio shows, read articles from that section, read tons of threads in the forum, too. 

    Over the next few years, The Red Book should become common fodder for us Jungian enthusiasts, but for now it seems to me that most people have not had the chance to read it. I am going to enjoy some of these discussions as that happens.

    Thanks for the friend request! I accepted, of course. I am also very interested about what people do at the Jung clubs, if you ever post about the Junghaus.

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