Permaculture (8)

Mimicry: An anti-predatory device where a species copies the appearance, sound or form of a model species in order to survive. Camouflage: A survival technique in which an otherwise visible organism may be unseen or indiscernible from its surrounding environment. Camouflage is used by animals to hide from predators and prey – including humans hiding from other humans.

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Believe me, building a mythical space as big as Monterey to Vancouver Island is not an easy thing. The 33 new myths +

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Missey Harrison’s long ponytail was always getting in the wrong places. Just yesterday she was trimming veggie starts in her micro garden behind her parent’s house on Euclid Ave and her tail got really dirty between the rows. She has burned the thing in the biochar oven more times than she can recall.

“Anything for the movement, she yells (to no one)!”soil_hands.jpg?w=218&h=300&width=218

Her new soil lab includes a series of small neighborhood supported compost piles, drying racks made from recycled pallets, a tool shed, and her fat

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Reckoning at the 2043 Cascadia Shaman’s Convergence –

New Myth 28 by Willi Paul

Resilience is best understood as a process. It is often mistakenly assumed to be a trait of the individual, an idea more typically referred to as “resiliency”. Most research now shows that resilience is the result of individuals being able to interact with their environments and the processes that either promote well-being or protect them against the overwhelming influence of risk factors. These processes can be indivi

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The Permaculture Sprout Cellar Network (A Transition Buckle).

New Myth 23 by Willi Paul, permaculture exchange


In 2015, Northern CA, Oregon & Washington seceded from the United States of America in a sacred coup d’état fueled by a feverish localism bent, new agriculture values and Transition spirits. That same year the new Union, called Cascadia, created a network for the protection of non-GMO seeds and other food sources, using decommissioned bomb shelters, root cellars and other protected under

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eBook 9 by Willi Paul &
"Good day, I visited your site and really enjoyed reading your myths. They are instruction manuals for life after the electrician pulls the plug." 
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Noah’s honey rust fortress ("junk yard permaculture").

New Myth #21

by Willi Paul,


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Noah’s camp is more like an ameba, built with multiple rings: gnarly steel and mashed-down upholstery;
a food forest ring, junk cars, then the commons. A semi-chaotic, semi-integrated / biodegraded
ecosystem with bees and honey.

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