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Ritual: Making It Physical


It is often a great relief in the midst of our busy lives to create some ceremony and space for the larger and sometimes unseen questions we otherwise ignore, forget or stuff down into the unconscious. Ahh, at last, here is an hour, a day, a weekend to strip myself of the daily accumulation of demands, directions, distractions and disassociations, to allow the bare elements of meaning and value in my life to take center stage! Oh and look, right outside my door here as I step through the thresho

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9142464869?profile=originalEgyptologist Dr. Edmund Meltzer had a predilection for ancient things and the distant past from a very early age. His long and illustrious career includes work in Egypt as a site supervisor on an important archeological excavation, as well as being a researcher, teacher, fellow, journal editor, professor, and tour lecturer.

When it comes to history, mythology, and archetypes, there are many variations of the fundamental idea of death as a precursor to rebirth in ancient Egyptian religion and symb

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The Passionate Feminine



For over thirty-six years, we have gathered to celebrate the Passover, a re-telling of the Hebrew peoples’ crossing the desert into the Promised Land of milk and honey.  We read the Haggadah, we drink the wine, pass the matzo, flick the plagues off our fingers like an Italian curse gesture.  We sing Dayenu, the song that voices the wonder of any small act to be sufficient for knowing God’s abundant love and grace to us, the people who follow the law.  The youngest ones present ask t

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Happy Winter Solstice 2013

Here's a ritual from one of my favourite teachers, Robert Wilkinson of AquariusPapers

'Whether you're in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, there is a special [Winter Solstice] ceremony I do each year that yields some fairly spectacular results. This is not a very elaborate ritual, but it's very powerful in its simplicity.

The Solstices mark points of transition from an old "half year" of the Sun moving South or North (depending on where you are on the Earth) into the opposite direction. In th

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