New Permaculture Myth #14 Video: Trabajo Calling at Yuba Rock, 2029 A.D. by Willi Paul, openmythsource.com


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At 2 o'clock each afternoon, no matter the weather, Tribal Council and work crew leaders mass at Yuba Rock for the day's Calling. Roles and relationships have morphed heavy since the last draught. Water Tech, Seed Holder, Nature Beam, and Sky Healer are gathered yet again, much in demand. Each chosen man or woman in service waits in the dust of the sandals and bare feet that came just 12 hours before.

Email and most electricity-based computing -- including the internet - expired with the last ounce of corp. sponsored electricity back in 2025. Solar panels are tables. Printers are like dinner and dancing black-heels, buried artifacts -- there is no paper left to print on.

Yuba Rock was named for a river that most never drank -- or dipped in. The snake skin shed trace of the bottom course is full now full of tumble weeds and run away beans from the upland Tribe. Getting any water from the ground, air or sky is more prayer than permaculture.

The role of Alchealer is part shaman part cheerleader, part leaf reader. Alfonsio-Black Snake was elected "Alch" to probe and connect tribal resources with the land, neighboring tribes and his people. Sort of "human trading post meets pony express" he finds the odd metal bits and flower pots as resourcer.

"Here Rachel," he calls when his turn comes 'round at the Calling. The current Tribal Manager warms a bit.

"Have any rituals or stories come in from the back lands, Alch?"

"Hmm." Yes, a new morning up-cheer from our friend Moon Crow two Tribes to our south, if you please?"

Dirt, Rock, Soil, Brush, Compost!

Love, Seeds, Roots, Leaves, Fruit!

Lay, Rest, Breathe, Stretch, Run!

Seek, Collect, Chop, Cook, Eat!

Dirt, Love, Lay, Seek!

Rock, Seeds, Rest, Collect!

Soil, Roots, Breathe, Chop!

Brush, Leaves, Stretch, Cook!

Compost, Fruit, Run, Eat!


The Tribe learns the Alchealer's simple round and heads off to find their helpers and evening tasks, his transmuta-trance complete.