Depth Psychology and the Digital Age — Online Panel #1 Based on the Book

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This online video panel discussion featured authors in the new anthology, "Depth Psychology and the Digital Age"PANELISTS for this event which took place November 29, 2016:Robert Romanyshyn, PhD: "Terminal Talk: Reflections on Thinking and Saying in the Digital World"Drew Foley, PhD: "Madness and the Map"Priscilla Hobbs, PhD: "Virtual Hyperrealities: Redefining the Real World for the Hungry Imagination Through Digital Media"Editor/Panel Moderator: Bonnie Bright, Ph.D.ABOUT THE BOOKEven more than half a century ago, CG Jung, who was born in 1875 and died in 1961, had significant concerns about the challenges of a growing mind/matter split and the excessive focus of western cultures in particular on science, technology, and rational thinking.Jung believed this trend toward “modernity” emerged at the expense of more soulful, reflective, poetic ways of being and issued a strong caution against our increasing reliance on machines and technology. He warned of severe consequences that might ultimately propel our civilization toward collapse, unless modernity could be adequately acknowledged and dealt with from a psychological view.Social media, video gaming, virtual reality, digital media, screen time, mobile devices, electronic music, “smart” technology, and electronic waste are all imperatives in our current culture, and will continue to be future realities for decades, if not centuries, to come. How do we re-boot our understanding of the psychological and soulful aspects of technology in order to adopt a new way of being in a digital world? To do this, we must increasingly look with an archetypal eye.The authors in this anthology proffer a chance to re-invent our relationship to the digital age and re-infuse these sacred tools with meaning and soul.PUBLICATION INFO: Depth Psychology and the Digital Age, edited by Bonnie Bright. Published November 2016 by Depth Insights. $14.99 Kindle, 331 pages; $17.99, Paperback 280 pagesAvailable on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.Click here for more Book Details, Table of Contents, or to DOWNLOAD the Editor's Introduction as a PDF: is event was produced by and

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  • Great perspectives from Robert and Priscilla 

    To quote from a text that I use for classes in Technology and Ethics, "we need wisdom the most when we believe in it the least" (Winston & Edelbach, 2013)


  • Wonderful talk. Especially loved Robert Romanyshyn's words on dreams and history. He said: "I look at technology as a dream...Every dream is a nightly humiliation of the ego conscious mind...It's always bringing out what's hidden and what we take for granted;" and on history: "If we are going to move forward positively, you cannot know where you are going unless you know where you’ve came from so that you know where you are now ... [There is] "a tension between forgetting something that is too painful to remember but having to remember it because it is too vital to forget."

  • Thank you for the replay! I found this discussion fascinating and rich of insights.

    Unfortunately, it was too late at night (or too early in the morning) for me to follow the event live last night, I live in Europe.

    So a special thanks for the possibility to watch and listen to it some hours later. I'm looking forward to the second event.


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