The Mystic Fool: Masks & Mirrors of the SELF in Tarot—Intro Lecture by Eva Rider

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The Tree of Life, mapped with Tarot, offers a mandala for the soul's journey to consciousness. The Archetypal Images of the Tarot's Major Arcana serve as a guide through the alchemical changes that initiate us to reclaiming the Self. In a time of vast planetary changes, polarities, transitions, quickening and metamorphosis, it’s easy to find ourselves caught in grief, fear and despair. We are on a journey of initiation to learn to inhabit our role as creator, mediator and steward of the gods. Through close examination of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, we find that ancient archetypal pathways reveal the masks and mirrors of ourselves and the initiations we undergo on our path to consciousness. The Ancient Hermetic Tree of Life serves as a ladder for the archetypal Fool’s return journey to source along the winding Serpent Path.The initiatory paths of the 22 tarot cards of the Major Arcana symbolize the masks we wear and the mirrors we encounter as we face shadows in our evolving selves. The Fool is an apt symbol of the journeying Self in each of us. Our individual pathways are unique but we must each undergo initiations of the Collective that lead us from folly to wisdom. As we focus on the Archetypal realm, big life dream images may emerge and be integrated as we invite imagination, dreams, music and story. EVA RIDER MA, LMFT is a Boardmember of Depth Psych Alliance and a licensed Jungian Depth Psychotherapist, workshop leader, group facilitator and lecturer. She has taught grad classes at JFK U in Jungian Psychology, Dreamwork and Myth, and in US and Canada on "Jung, Alchemy and Hermetic Tree of Life,” “The Fool's Journey in Tarot,” “Fairytales and Dreams,” Sacred Geometry and Divination Eva holds degrees from McGill University and JFK in Clinical Psychology. She has worked extensively with Marion Woodman and Mary Hamilton (movement) Leadership Training, and holds certifications in Hypnotherapy, SoulCollage®, and Movement-Expression®. She is currently completing certification in TRE® (Trauma and Tension Release) Eva is leading a 9-session transformational course, "The Mystic Fool: Unveiling Masks & Mirrors of the SELF in Tarot" via Depth Psychology Alliance starting October 8, 2017. Be prepared for an opportunity for powerful transformation and connecting with your own soul as you engage with the Tarot in this unique online series. Get more details or register at

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  • Thanks.  Appreciated hearing all the Jungian terms, I feel so distanced in in time.  Very good basic knowledge.   Appreciate the effort the lecturer went to to include all the images.  As a Jungian oriented art psychotherapist, the sharing of such comprehensive imagery was very illuminating, again.

        No one here in my village in Central Texas is conversant with the Tarot, alchemy and Jungian theory. I miss that. Thanks.

         Especially like comparing several Tarot Decks and their relationship to Jungian, basic studies. Do feel that folks will need some previous experience with the tarot, for the information sharing went  very fast.   


  • Education Institution
    Hi Myrna. Don't worry! You can still watch the introductory lecture. It's actually on this very page. Just click on the video above and it will play for you. Enjoy! Eva as a gifted teacher and integrator.
  • I missed this opportunity. Could I get a replay of the webinar?

    I heard about that Tarot could be tool for one's archetypal journey


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