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Depth psychology offers a rich and nuanced perspective on the human psyche and provides an effective framework for understanding how our beliefs and behaviors are driven by what is unconscious within us.
By bringing these unconscious motivations,…
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Jun 3, 2023 from 2:30pm to 4:00pm

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The live course begins on Saturday, October 22nd and will continue to be available at this link:
In this course we look at how classical Jungian psychology understands the relationship…
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Oct 15, 2022 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm

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"You can access the full course, here (use the coupon code: dpa25 for a 25% discount):

The free class is also available on YouTube, here:"
Jun 28, 2022

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  • The soul produced the Logos
    not with it the mental finger
    takes possession of the soul
    Dreams are the message
    to every human
    Everyone has to understand dreams for themselves
    to gain new insight
    in a person's everyday activities

    The decision is there
    to be in permanent dialogue with the soul

    Man is not the author of his dreams
    in the drama of the soul man plays only a secondary role

    Everyone has to work out their method
    so he can achieve his dreams
    through the training of the soul
    can really understand

    What and how a person experiences his dreams
    how he deals with it
    must remain in the intimacy of the Kienethic

    the human being must not submit to the formal and functional aspects of a healer from the outside

    life holds a variety of possibilities
    throughout a person's lifetime
    how a person fills in the here and now is his own responsibility

    the soul
    the spirit
    is in us
    and not out there
  • The soul
    is not sick

    the soul
    the human

    in unity
    to all senses
    as a living being

    from the outside

    our unstable
    that we as a disease
    as such
    deficient with a finding
    call it that

    the healing
    is within ourselves
    also with the consultation
    and assistance
    through others
    which every human being
    in all its variety
    through a treatment

    on the inside
    its equivalent
    have to have
    of what we postulate as recovery
  • The soul
    the spirit
    is in us

    i am time
    in my
    limited time

    the Great Mother
    had me
    in the blood scream
    thrown to earth

    we are all
    the children
    of the great mother
  • Wer die Welt
    des Traums
    zu leicht nimmt

    den schickt die Seele
    zur Nachtmeerfahrt

    in den Sturm
    auf Hoher See
    ins Unterbewusste

    da wo nur
    durch ihre Hilfe
    es ein zurück
    ins Leben gibt
  • Reply To: Kim Hermanson, Ph.D.

    The Reality of the Soul
    the determination of the soul
    is in each subjective moment
    an occurrence of experience
    in every human being

    The Laws of the Soul
    is the assignment
    of every human being

    The insight brings us
    the dream
    by the mouthpiece of the soul

    The mass of people gathering
    it is not a guarantee

    the visionaries
    the Spiritual ones
    the healer
    in the diagnosis of a
    people looking for advice
    have the truth
    and wisdom is not leased

    every human
    is requested
    the reputation
    the soul
    in his own way
    in everyday life
    of teaching
    from the soul
    to follow
    and the soul
    to obey

    Questions from outsiders
    to the mystery
    the relationship
    of human
    and soul
    to know better
    are nothing but obscene

    everything is from this world
    in the universe
    in which mother earth rotates

    No one
    we ourselves too
    do not know
    for what and who
    we really are

    With kind regards
    Hans Gamma
  • I have been trying to pay dues without PayPal.  Can I just send  you a check since I am not able to with my credit card.  An address please.

    Rita Diamantine

  • Thanks, Bonnie, for the welcome, I was in the Depth program, and Robert Romanyshyn was my advisor. Finished up in 2010, just after I got my first horse, and was thrilled to realize that I could combine both loves. Just located this site, for some reason, and am looking forward to participating.

    -- Kay

  • Thanks Bonnie. But I probably won’t post here anymore. I told a story that bespeaks Jungian psychology three-dimensionality, in real time, the real deal, and I didn’t receive back one comment about it. It almost seems that people can only relate to Jungian psychology two-dimensionally, surrogately, and academically, on a piece of paper representing the distant past; like they don’t really believe in it, but only use it to pretend they’re erudite. That’s probably unfair. It might simply be that I’m an asshole. Yes, I'm sure of it.    

  • Thank you.

  • You're absolutely right, Cheryl. There are instructions posted here (under the ABOUT tab) that should be of help:

    How to Use the ZOOM Video Webinar Platform
    Instructions on How to Join a Session using Zoom, Depth Alliance's designated Video Webinar Platform   One of the reasons we chose the Zoom p…
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Announcing “Earth, Climate, Dreams”—the BOOK! 13 in-depth conversations with Depth Psychologists on how we address these critical topics in the Age of the Anthropocene.

Contributors include Jungian analyst Jerome Bernstein; climate scientist and Jungian, Jeffrey Kiehl; Jungian…

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9142465882?profile=original U.K.-based psychotherapist and activist, Andrew Samuels has a long history as a consultant to political clients on the presidential and prime ministerial level. While Samuels first published Politics on the Couch in 2001 and The Political Psyche in 2015, his newest book, …

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In this latest interview from Depth Alliance founder, Bonnie Bright, PhD, Dr. Jean Houston makes a passionate call for us to each "elect ourselves" and to "become party to all our parts." There couldn't be a more compelling and poignant call at this critical time in our world....

Jean Houston is almost legendary in popular culture for her passionate engagement, poetic rhetoric, and her poignant appeal for transformation and belief in what…

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Check out a new interview and blogpost from Bonnie Bright: "Encountering Sabina Spielrein: Forging Paths To & Through Powerful Women in Depth Psychology" with Angela Sells, who is teaching on the topic this Fall at Meridian University!

Thanks, Angela, for a fascinating conversation!

In 2011, Sabina Spielrein became something of a household name due to the debut of a mainstream film called A Dangerous Method, starring well-known actors including Michael…

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