Dr. Lionel Corbett - "Under the Stars: The Lure of the Numinous"

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From the "A Day of Inquiry: Surfaces, Depths, & the Soul" conference co-sponsored by the C. G. Jung Institute Boston, 22 Oct 2010 Andover Newton Theological ...

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  • Dr. Corbett is a leading spirit in Depth Psychology with understanding about how it relates to the non-dual Absolute. So great to see him again as he was a major factor in my education.

  • Hi Julie. Glad you enjoyed the video. I didn't attend the event in Boston, but simply came across this clip online while researching another project and wanted to share it here. I was lucky enough to have Dr. Corbett for a course at Pacifica and he is an amazing scholar and a wealth of knowledge--definitely on the leading edge of exploration and understanding of the "spiritual transformation" you offer in the quote from Carl Jung.

    I've just looked--in response to your query--and found 2 more clips from Dr. Corbett on YouTube which I'll post here in the Video section now--but they don't seem to be from the same event unfortunately. Still great, though! Check 'em out.

  • Bonnie:  Thank you for posting this short video of Dr Corbett speaking to the psychic fact of the experience of the numinosum and it's healing effect.  Is there a place to access more of his talk?

    Also, I wonder if you had any discussion of this as a possibility on the collective level in the recent seminar that you may have attended, entitled Civilization in Transition at Ojo Caliente, NM?

    I see the quote they put together of Jung that touches on the subject of individual expressions of mana.  Did you all discuss the effect of mana in the political arena? 

    Any highlights from that conference that you may want to share?

    "Carl Jung foresaw a change in world order that he believed was a "spiritual transformation" in civilization. Aware of both its dangers and positive potential, he spoke of it in Civilization in Transition, part of which is paraphrased as follows:
    Humankind’s process of spiritual transformation cannot be hurried by rational process;
    but it is within our reach to change those who influence others. Those with insight into
    their own actions and access to the unconscious involuntarily influence their
    environment, not by persuading or teaching, but through an effect that pre-industrial
    peoples call "mana," an influence on the unconscious of others... (CW X, para 583)".

    Big hug, thanks!  Julie


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