Meeting Neptune At Neptune Beach

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Meeting Neptune At Neptune Beach Revealed for the first time in our modern era, this brief video is an introduction to the original mythic astrology of Water...

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  • Dale, thanks for your reply. They way I approach the Water Trinity is through an evolutionary astrology perspective, factoring in the phasal relationships between the twelve signs. I'll come back to the post with further details... 

  • Thanks, Richard. Jung said, "Astrology is the psychology of the ancients" and I'd add, the more ancient the astrology, the more helpful psychologically. Modern astrology's abstractions speak less to Soul and more to mind, mind divorced from matter (Mother Earth), and divorced from Water, Earth's compliment (that which completes) matter.

    Richard, I appreciate your sharing regarding "the Trinity of Water." Cancer, Water beginning, The Source of Life, comes out at Moon's urging. Scorpio, Water is  "Fixed" in one place (ice, ocean with no land in sight, water hidden --- as inside a desert cactus). Pisces, is flowing, moving Water, coming and going.

    For consideration of ALL here at "DEPTH" Psychology: Did you know that the DEEPEST place in OCEAN is DEEPER than the highest mountain on Earth? Just as Ocean's depths are the least-explored element, might not the deepest psychological mysteries be "reflected" in water?

    Is not water the only "solution" possible? Could Richard Lamb indeed draw our attention to the mysteries of Water as symbolic of Consciousness? 

  • Hi Dale, I enjoyed the video, and I find the insights astrology provides to life incalculably useful and illuminating. Perhaps the 3 water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, the "trinity of water" are symbolic of Consciousness?
  • Filmed last year, this brief film is finally available as of today. Ever since "science" divorced Spirit centuries ago, technology began its one-sided war of exploitation and devastation of Spirits' home, and ours, in the four Natural elements. Last weekend the worshippers of "science" lead by smug atheists, tried to tell the world that they will save as from problems they take no responsibility for having created.

    Mental abstractions, like bantering around the term "climate change," are getting us nowhere.

    Einstein said  (something to the effect) that we can not solve problems with the same mind that created them.

    Similarly, modern astrologers, for the most part, have abandoned the relevance of the Gods and Goddesses whose planets, asteroids and such bear their names, thoughtlessly trying to speak to and about Soul, Anima Mundi and you and me, with mental abstractions, often words ending in "-ion." They, and most modern humans, forget or downplay Neptune/Poseidon, "Earth Shaker" and Lord of all water. Since no life is possible without water, and astrologically we are living in a time focused on the issue of water, it's time to "Meet Neptune at Neptune Beach."

    Thanks for taking a few minutes to watch and to listen.


    Dale O'Brien

    P.S.: I'd love to be able to send someone at Depth Psychology Alliance a check from my local community credit union instead of helping the mega-banks via the only options available here.  Did you know that the (or one of the) creators of PayPal had an artificial island built to avoid paying taxes to anyone? Technology is the realm of Titan Uranus-Prometheus the thief, most obviously when $ is involved. 

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