Trailer from "Appointment with the Wise Old Dog" David Blum

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From the DVD, "Appointment with the Wise Old Dog," produced in 1998, when David Blum was dying from cancer, reveals an unfolding story of a man's path towards wholeness, in which he faces death, yet experiences a healing transformation. His amazing collection of forty-four dream paintings and commentary are freely accessible via the ARAS website:

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  • Thanks Bonnie for submitting this video.

    I think it can be healing and also help to understand inner images if one draws them, or expresses them in some way through art. I agreed with David that an image is still relevant even if it is drawn years later (why else would one still be compelled to work with it?).

    Not an artist at all, I believe it still adds depth to our conscious understanding of the content if we work with it. David catalogued his dreams by year in notebooks, which seemed appropriately organized for posterity. I had thought to buy a "precious" book to paste my dream drawings into for this reason.

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