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Breathwork Summit 2022
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Change seems to be coming faster and more intensely than ever in this world. But that doesn’t mean you’re powerless in the face of instability. You can expand your ability to absorb whatever lies ahead, knowing that each challenge is also an opportunity to exercise the power of breath and develop greater self-awareness. 

Your breath can be focused and channeled in times of need so it shifts from a subconscious action to a powerful ally. It can be your connection to spirit, your tool for facing rapid or radical changes, your pathway forward to joy and prosperity, and your secret for enhancing your physical stamina. 

Like a dedicated healer, the breath is always available to you — accessing it doesn’t require fancy equipment or physical prowess. 

The Shift Network’s Breathwork Summit reveals the science, art, and power of full-spectrum breathing across a number of traditions and techniques. You’ll learn the history and science behind these practices, with time allotted to actually perform them under the guidance of breathwork pioneers and practitioners.

Free Online Event
Breathwork Summit
February 7
11, 2022

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During this 5-day event, you’ll discover:

  • How to manage your breath in extreme environments
  • Ways to use breathwork as the foundation for starting and sustaining breakthrough changes in your life
  • The key benefits of coherent breathing, as well as a guided coherent breathing exercise from the technique’s founder
  • Practices that use breath to help you access your happiest self
  • The transformation that can be experienced through breathwork to help transmute trauma

Here’s some of what the event speakers will share with you:

  • Professor Stephen W. Porges will explore the polyvagal perspective of breathing as a portal to the autonomic nervous system​.
  • Rollin McCraty, PhD, will discuss the important relationship between heart coherence and the breath​.
  • Use breathwork to quiet the mind with Kathleen Booker.
  • Giten Tonkov will guide you through BioDynamic Breathwork for trauma release​.
  • Understand how breath is woven into threads of healing with Dr. Ela Manga.
  • Glean the highlights of Dr. Katie Hendricks’ four decades of breathwork.

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