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From February 2014 to September 2015, Extinction Witness was engaged in a creative witness practice that explored aspects of the collective subconscious as manifest in select groups of animals and cultures. 

Here, we discuss these aspects and more to further the exploration and remember these biological and cultural aspects within ourselves.

Each discussion begins with a prompt in the form of written or visual story. 

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man of the forest ∙ warrior

Animal Aspects of Human Psyche discussion opens with primate or 'man of the forest ∙ warrior' and specific attention to silverback gorilla and the indigenous human mind. Our discussion includes comparative psychology with attention to one of primate's close distant relatives, cetaceans, and how these intelligences differ from animals who do not know meta-cognition, thinking about thinking. All this to consider how the current world of human affairs exemplifies behavior seen in silverback…

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Group Member Introductions

Much of the opening circle, Tuesday March 8, was spent introducing ourselves to one another. Future audio video meets will emphasize discussion/sharing on topic. Whether or not you have introduced yourself to the group via audio/video, please reply here with introduction and what you hope to contribute and gain from participating in this conversation. with love, thank you Megan

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Human Animal Studies

Thank you for creating this group. I am currently in a PhD program and am researching to write a dissertation on a topic related to ecogrief and the collective witness of the domination, destruction, and displacement of animals in place of nature. I look forward to hearing from you in this discussion. Respectfully, Effie  

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