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Hi everyone,

With the completion of our Certificate I've been spending time getting caught up at work, but Bonnie and I are talking about the next round, which will probably start early next year.

Meanwhile, you might be thinking about how to use what you've learned to mentor other people in mythic storytelling. I recommend plunging deeply enough into myth that you get grabbed by a particular story, see how it operates today, and start telling people about the implications. Or do it the other way around: look into some current event that has your attention, look for the mythic structure behind it, and get some feedback here for addressing it.

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  • I am so looking forward to the next round. Thank you also for your suggestions. I am fascinated by the idea of story as a vehicle for shifting situations.

  • Craig, I plan to be in Berkeley in mid-January for a workshop in digital storytelling and visiting my nephew and his new bride. It would be great if I could meet you in person.


    • Keep me posted on when you're here.

    • I am taking a workshop at the Center for Digital Storytelling on January 14- 16th in downtown Berkeley. My flight is late in the evening on Sunday, January 18th.

    • Let's definitely meet. Feel free to email me to set it up.

  • Count me in on the next round.


  • Thanks, Craig. I'm hoping to have some time this weekend to get back into it. I've been swamped. What's the myth about the guy being too busy to move? Ha!

    On another note, I was discussing with my art therapy group certain narrative structures and we got onto the story structure in the modern films about musicians, which all follow a similar structure. The musician is nobody but talented, the musician's career takes off, the musician can't handle it and is a tortured soul, the musician dies too young. Often there are ill-advised romantic adventures along the way. Drugs often play the slow method of self-destruction. Is this structure prevalent in any mythic tales?

    In using the word "swamped" above, I searched for drowning myths and read about Hero and Leander, which has a kind of Romeo and Juliet ending.

    Have a lovely weekend.

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