Astrological Horoscope: As if a Dream?

Might the astrological horoscope be thought of as a dream made of a kaleidoscope of archetypal images in living  relationship to one another? Lawrence Hillman has described it as a theater, of "Planets in Play."Do these images play out over a lifetime?  I've been involved in M.Conforti's dream patterning seminars and  have been reflecting upon his teachings involving the first section of  dream in which "a story is seen" much as Hillman's acorn, holds the unfolding of an oak tree/ our life dramas?  . Are our horoscopes the "orients" of our life journeys?  I was prompted to ask this after reading a new member of DPA's reflections upon a dream he'd had that seemed to describe an event that later occurred in which he had a traumatic accident and subsequent extensive rehab. 

Is the trajectory of our life, that first picture that initial image the same as the horoscope?

Any thoughts...anyone?

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  • Judith from 9142765267?profile=originalwhat I can understand the horoscope could well be seen as a map of the psyche. To have a map makes it easier to explore the territory. However, one needs to decipher the signs and symbols of the horoscope,as one does a dream. They are subjective and open to interpretation,those symbols. Nevertheless, the dream,as with the psyche in general- and thus the horoscope - are alive, fluid and dynamic. The symbols reaveal their insights by feeling and intuition, when one hits the right resonance with it, as well as being helped by intillectually thinking about it. what to speak of the purely sensation-based conclusions.

    The horoscope,as with some special dreams, can act as a window to the future, can reveal, as if by magic or precognisance, the outcome of future events, like an oracle to the receptive,apparently trancending the boundaries of time and space and thus forcing us to question the very fabric of linear time as we discover the mysteries of consciousness through that dream or horoscope. We have all had dreams that seemed to come about in our reality at a future time, as if the dream realm, the personal or collective unconscious had access to the future. Iether that or the brain has simply found meaning by interpreting it as such in hindsight. One way or the other the dream and the horoscope allow us a glimpse of something apparently magical, both being keys to the entirety of consciousness, both conscious and unconscious.


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