We are into the Transition Era where new alchemiespermaculture and Nature are morphing both values and landscapes.

Center hear: Are the classic myths still firing our spirits and stories? 

Join us on a grand journey, fueled by tunes, poetry, sound symbols and plows in the New Global Mythology.

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  • The trailer to NOAH looks and feels like every other big CGI movie.  "Our" themes. The themes we are continually being sold. So often now the dramatic arc of movies is that of a fight.  A build up of tension and with the "thrill of victory" a release that satisfies for an hour or two. Fast food myth. It offers no real sustenance and relates only to other movies.  There's nothing positive in it to take into the rest of life.  Young people dream of getting into confrontations big enough so they can repeat the snappy lines of the celluloid heroes.   Rather than true myths, in a Jungian framework  I think these stories would be classified as passive fantasies.  There is no transformation of the image. The experience is engineered to play us like an instrument.   The emotional gratification they offer is a perfect commodity: we are fed a fiction more exciting than truth which can be experienced only through this medium. We have to come back to get another fix -- or an ever bigger fix.    But how different is this Noah from the original?  It seems like it is only our capacity for belief that is changed.  Outside the suspension of disbelief we practice watching a movie, can we anymore give ourselves wholeheartedly to the idea of a covenantal god?  Especially one who would be so cruelly destructive upon the breach of the agreement?  Outside of Fundamentalist religions, it doesn't seem to ring true. The general population can only be fundamentalist as movie-goers and the conversion lasts only an hour or two after leaving the theater.  What kind of gods or transhuman powers can we believe in today?

  • Actually I mis-spoke, although the "great transition" is also a good term The term I meant to say was the "Great Turning", coined by the author Joanna Macy. Right now, trying to continue what I absorbed in my vision quest with School of Lost Borders which was a 14 day workshop which included a four day vision fast in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains in CA. My current practice includes  reading, meditating, praying, and following the Four Shields (or directions, points, paths, etc) of Life. I was introduced to the term, the "great turning" by Joanna Macy in her book "Active Hope". Currently looking for Jungian, in Depth Psychology oriented therapist in my area (New London, CT). Still have a lot of healing to do.

  • Hi Warren - thanks for joining us! How are you transitioning?
  • Just joined this group. Very interested in the "Great Transition" as it is our only hope.

  • This Hermann H quote reminds me of lines from the last song in Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Midnight Radio: "Breathe feel love, give free, know in your soul Like your blood knows the way From your heart to your brain Knows that you're whole."

  • Alek - Yes, it's mythic blood time for the humans.

  • Smrda Smirdic? Is that a nod to The Brothers Karamazov?

  • As to the Hero myth, I just saw Finding Joe - good overview of the stages and a positive, encouraging presentation.

  • I wrote below that pleroma - the summation of all things - could be a myth for the quantum entangled universe. I meant to say an archetype, as it is not a story per se.  Before the pleroma comes the apocalypse, the unveiling and then the pleroma.  Some people become possesed by the apocalypse archetype and attempt to bring about destruction (Hitler; David Koresh) but that is a wrong perception of it.

  • A myth for a quantum-entangled world could be the biblical image of the pleroma - the summation of all things.  Perhaps the Hindu Akashic Record is the same thing, the idea that everything that ever was or will be or is now is somehow written or encoded into the universe. Some scholars believe that the Torah also contains such encoded information in fractal form in the Hebrew script, the so-called "bible codes."  Personally, I think the bible code is Jung's collective unconscious or a way of accessing it from the Torah and from other sources, like back-masking speech effects.  

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