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A place to process for those entangled in the writing process, a space to share insights for those who have completed this magna opus, and a forum to bounce off ideas for those looking down the road at the journey they are about to undertake.

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  • Thanks so much for this forum, Jeanne. Four topic ideas later, I'm hand-fasted to an idea that asks, no demands, in a way only a lover has the right to do, that I become who I already am! And so it's through these words that I'm now hand-fasted... (From Pablo Naruda, la poesia)
    ...And something ignited in my soul,
    fever or unrememberd wings,
    and I went my own way,
    that burning fire
    and I wrote the first bare line,
    bare, without substance, pure
    pure wisdom
    of one who knows nothing,
    and suddenly I saw
    the heavens
    and open.
  • Dissertation as Lover
    The dissertation lover is a complex creature:
    Sometimes so easy to be with,
    Seducing me away from more concrete pleasures,
    Until I want only to be with him—
    Work and world be damned!
    Then, at other times,
    I can't stand to be in the same room with him,
    Because he makes me so aware of how lost and alone I am.
    Ah, the push and pull of romance, right here at the keyboard!
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Sharing Tips and Resources: Hermeneutics: An Intellectual Tradition for Communication Studies

I know this group hasn't been very active; however, I think it could be a remarkable resource for all of us working on a thesis or dissertation if members would share any resources they come across that might be of help to others, or offer tips they find useful in doing the work as those practices become useful to them. On that note, I came across what I think is a valuable scholarly paper on Hermeneutics that may be helpful and wanted to share. Good luck to all, wherever you are in your…

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10 ways to keep your sanity as a Ph.D. / Graduate student

Hi everyone. I came across this post today and wanted to share it here. I know there hasn't been much structure in this group, but would like to find a way to really make it a resource for those of us working on disertation. If you have ideas, please share.  Meanwhile check out this article--thought it had some great ideas & reminders: 10 ways to keep your sanity as a Ph.D. / Graduate student

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What I wouldn't give to be a bona fide member of this group!

Hello All: It's so cool to read about your exploits on your "journeys" through academia.  My deepest desire is to go on to fo my PhD in Spiritual Direction through Wisdom University or ITP. The only thing holding me back is $$$ at the moment. Even though I made the Dean's Commendation list for the MCounsel (Hons) programme at my Alma Mater in Aussie, NZ isn't the best country for trying to source scholarship or fellowship funding.  Especially if you haven't completed your last grad degree here.…

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