Robin Reynolds Barre commented on Robin Reynolds Barre's blog post From The Tuesday Journal - The Task of the Depth Psychologist
"Thank you, Bonnie, for featuring this post and for your comments below. It *is* hard, isn't it? I have, for so long, justified my "Othering" by saying that those people over there are not like me because I am compassionate, a good listener, and…"
Jan 23, 2011
Robin Reynolds Barre left a comment on ARCHIVED—The Dissertation Dance
"Bonnie, Reading about the concept paper and choosing a topic, etc made me smile. I remember those days! Now that I am sitting at my desk actually writing the proposal, three months into my dissertation clock, I can have a bit of perspective. It's…"
Jan 9, 2011
Robin Reynolds Barre left a comment on ARCHIVED—The Dissertation Dance
"So good to see you here, Maurice!
And thank you for the reminders, everyone, to stay close to the passion, the heart, the juice of the dissertation. I got stuck very early in the process - so frozen by my insecurities, feeling as if I could never…"
Dec 30, 2010
Robin Reynolds Barre left a comment on ARCHIVED—The Dissertation Dance
"Four months into dissertation. I need this group!"
Dec 29, 2010
Robin Reynolds Barre left a comment for Carol Rizzolo
"Hi Carol, You can send the attachment to
Thanks for doing this. My passion and expertise is with adolescents/ce, so any information to aid in my work is greatly appreciated."
Dec 29, 2010
Robin Reynolds Barre left a comment on Jung in the South
"I am so glad to see this group! I currently live in the Pacific Northwest but I was born and raised in the south and am looking forward to the day when I can return. The need for a supportive depth psychology group in the south is so important and…"
Dec 28, 2010
Robin Reynolds Barre left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Hi Ed, Thank you for the Welcome. I am in the dissertation phase in the Depth Psych program. I also completed the master's in counseling program 5 years ago. I hope to spend some more time here on this site so I can become familiar with it. As I do…"
Dec 28, 2010

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  • Hi Robin! I'm not quite sure if I can attach a file to this...but, if you send me your email I could send it to you. It was published in the AM:STARS journal: Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews in March 2009, Anxiety in Adolescents. I am pretty sure that it is also indexed on pubmed or medline. And welcome! Best ,Carol Rizzolo
  • Its all a work in progress, isn't it?--including ourselves! It's why I love Depth Psychology so much. Jung was onto something with the concept of individuation--now if only media and technology could keep up! :)
  • Hi Robin! Welcome to the Alliance. I love the way you describe your work as a depth psychologist on your home page. I think we need more of this kind of language to help those who are not familiar with the field to understand. Awesome! I look forward to having your voice in the Forum for everyone to hear.

    BTW, you may want to go back to your page and edit your URL for your site on the profile. It doesn't have the .com on the end, so when one clicks on it, it doesn't work. Most people will know they can just add it on, but it might be better to make it easy.

    All the best! See you on the site.

  • Welcome Robin,

    Hope you will find this site of interest. What program are you following at Pacifica?


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Monday, January 10, 2011

I want to write today about what it means to me to be a depth psychologist in today’s world. I read about and feel in my bones the polarization in our country: democrats v.republicans, liberals v. conservatives, religious fundamentalists v. “New Agers”, and the list goes on. What it essentially comes down to is “me v. Other.”Whoever we are and whereever we stand is the “me.” Whomever the other person is that stands in a different place in the world in such a…
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