Ruth Martin left a comment for Mark Sipowicz
"Hey Mark, thanks for welcome. I was a member at the start and last year or 2 just couldn't keep up-not much free time. Great to be back though!
Can you direct me to who's taking care of site glitches? Tried to donate-put in all cc info-denied Pay…"
Aug 18, 2014

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  • Sure thing Ruth, hope you are able to return and find the support and resources you either need or in fact yourself are eager to share. I've forwarded your question and concern regarding payment and donation to Bonnie.

    Be well!


  • Ruth! Not Amanda, my apologies. Take care Ruth!

  • Greetings Amanda and welcome to the online depth psychology community. It's great you've found us! 

    Good old Santa Rosa, it seems so much happens there in the realm of inner work and consciousness. Am I right? Well, reminding me of some good old days in the Bay Area!

    Well, on to the specifics of your arrival here at the DPA...As you may know, we currently have over 3300 members from all over the world. I hope as you explore the community a bit you find a dynamic group of like-minded people who are all deeply drawn by the field of depth psychology. While there are many Jungian analysts and clinical psychologists here, our members come from many walks of life--artists, writers, doctors, healing professionals, counselors, students, business people, etc--so there is much cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience here to be shared.

    We recommend that to get started, you personalize your profile photo by going to your "My page" and rolling your cursor over the default C.G. Jung image. This gives you the option to switch it to a person picture. As well, there are many opportunities to engage as you browse the site. When you're ready to jump in, please feel free to post a topic for discussion in the forum, respond to another member's post, or share a link to an article or web site you like. 

    Here are a few quick links to front page items that may be of interest to you. The Multimedia Library contains talks, videos and articles that may be of interest to you. The Depth Insights e-zine has articles, poetry, and images from past issues. And, then we have the Events page which contains calls for papers, upcoming conferences, and workshops. Dr. Craig Chalquist is hosting a Certificate in Applied Mythology co-sponsored by the Depth Psychology Alliance.

    You can also weigh in on the weekly depth discussions by clicking the image and quote at the top of the home page. And here's a link to help you navigate the site for your convenience.

    Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you around the community.



    Mark Sipowicz, Board Member

    "Dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows."  --Henry David Thoreau 

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    Welcome back, Ruth! Glad to have you with us. Hope you're doing well.

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