Stuart Lloyd replied to Willi Paul's discussion "The Teenager’s Guide to Permaculture" - eBook #35 (2009 – 2017) - by Willi Paul Studio /
"Willi, I am impressed by your bute activity and working to shape education for the next generations. Thanks for your online presence. Just a note our regional sustainable agriculture has been working with Mexican organic chelated minerals and bio…"
Apr 19, 2017
Stuart Lloyd commented on Amanda Butler's blog post Anima, Animus, and the Magical Other
"Across the road from St Pauls Cathedral in London is a bronze statue of St Micheal in battle with a dragon.
As I was gaping at the bute image, an English man stopped and commented that they had been in battle like that for the last 300 years.
Mar 5, 2017
Stuart Lloyd commented on Kim Hermanson, Ph.D.'s blog post A Message from the Other World
""The Myth for our Times"
The American imagination instructed my parochial rural Australian cultural view to be brave and strong and stupid. The Stupid aspect was audacity of imagination. A gift to move beyond the known.
In each of our lives, we are…"
Mar 3, 2017
Stuart Lloyd commented on Bonnie Bright's blog post The Genius Myth: An Interview with Storyteller and Author, Michael Meade

As a community artist in remote Australia, I followed up a lifetime of instruction from my elders to sit with children and share fiber skills.     
From this practice, I witnessed fascination, glee, intuitive learning, peer teaching, and all…"
Mar 3, 2017
Stuart Lloyd commented on Mary Harrell's blog post Living an Imaginative Life
"As a visual artist, I was able to return from the Faye/ collective with maps, trophies of my journey.  Paintings and baskets held my fascination for lifetimes as  I unraveled the leadings of my quests.
 Finally, I was able to shape my words to speak…"
Mar 2, 2017
Stuart Lloyd commented on Pamela Alexander's blog post Visits from Sophia: A divine feminine presence.
"My visit to Montserrat to view the black madonna was an encounter with the Sophia principal of the feminine.A few features are still memorable. 
The christ child and madonna both holding an orb. In the chapel behind the icon was a bronze image of a…"
Mar 2, 2017

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