bill gemmell left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Thank you all. Your input is greatly appreciated and I do understand the need to "flesh out" the dream content with my own subjective reality. I am inclined toward the idea that the dream is related to my growing sense of spirit and what may be…"
Aug 23, 2011
bill gemmell left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Thank you all for your input. Being a staunch believer in the objective psyche, the images have well defined meaning in, and of, themselves. With that in hand, I can then compare my subjective sense with the more concrete meanings inherent in the…"
Aug 22, 2011
bill gemmell left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"I think I may have it now! Hopefully this post makes it easier.
The dream was very simply that I saw a "sky" blue rectangular box on a table or hanging on a wall. It had no discernible openings or markings but it did have a very faint glow…"
Aug 22, 2011
bill gemmell left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Thank you, Ed. The tragedy is that as the culture devolves and begins to spiral precipitously out of control, the road back contains few signposts for even decent people to be able to follow. It's interesting to me that Jung's Modern Man in Search…"
Jul 22, 2011

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  • Hi Bill, welcome to The Twilight Zone! Some of the members are trying to respond to your request for insight into your dream, but they can't find where to respond. Could you cut and paste your request into either a comment on the "wall" of the Twilight Zone, or create a discussion thread? We want to weigh in!
  • Hi Bill: Thanks for sharing your dream about the "Jungians"! What an interesting perspective! I too am grateful for the work that has placed itself on my path and have simply committed to take on whatever comes along. I do agree, however, that there needs to be an alignment (re-alignment?) of depth psychology that is inclusive rather than exclusive. Seeing the results of the Assisi conference and Michael's deep commitment to the interdisciplinary connections has been awesome for me and has completely refreshed my own motivation as well. Again, so glad you're here, and feel free to share dreams in the forum on the dream group on the site if you're so moved. I often feel they are one of the most powerful ways to move people together in a common direction...
  • Hi Bill. Welcome to the Alliance. It's an honor to have you on the site. I'm so grateful for our connection at Assisi and wholeheartedly second and support your comment on the need for the truth of this work and for soul in our culture. 

    I hope you'll have the chance to engage on the site at your convenience by joining a discussion, commenting on others' posts, sharing links or articles that are meaningful to you, or perhaps posting some of your own work. It's truly wonderful to be involved in this dynamic and growing community.

    I'll  send you some tips on navigating the site in a separate email in case its of help. Enjoy the site.

  • Welcome bill,

    Glad you have joined us and hope you will find much of interest in the blogs, forums, and groups. Bonnie is the best!! You mention a need for a psychology of the soul in our culture - I'm happy with the culture even recognizing the concept of soul!! Hope you will find places to add your thoughts and experiences.


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