steve hulbert commented on Bonnie Bright's blog post Neuroscientists Working to Develop Drugs that Erase Painful Memories---What do You Think?
"Hi Bonnie - although I have had (as have all of us) painful (although perhaps not traumatic - as in "unbearable") experiences that I'd like to forget, I have the sense that those experiences help to define who I am as a person. I am who I am. I…"
Mar 24, 2011
steve hulbert left a comment on Ritual Space
"Very nice. Thanks for sharing."
Mar 18, 2011
steve hulbert left a comment on Ritual Space
"Thanks, Bonnie. I appreciate your comment."
Mar 17, 2011
steve hulbert left a comment on Ritual Space
"In response to Bonnie's Email, this poem/thoughts present themselves -
The Places In-Between
The where I am
And am not
Out of place
Place and no-place
One and the same
Tragedies occurring
Outside ourselves
Yet affecting us
Feeling it, feeling…"
Mar 17, 2011
steve hulbert left a comment for Lucia d'Ancona
"Happy to be your friend, Lucia. Thanks for the request."
Mar 8, 2011
steve hulbert left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Thanks for the welcome, Ed! Yes, the living of life is not always easy - our past sometimes haunts us - but it is a part of who we are, of who we have become. Accepting this, I have found, allows me to be more of an authentic individual."
Mar 3, 2011

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  • Welcome steve,

    I truly appreciate your draw as an "approach to the living of life." This has been my greatest challenge, to learn to live this new way rather than allowing it to be a new way only to get the "old stuff." I guess active imagination allows for some hope and support. I think you will find many who are on just such a path walking the same direction, though differing along the way so as to see the fullness of the journey. Welcome.



  • He Steve. Welcome to the community. I'm glad your colleague recommended the site, and I hope you find some topics of interest here. There is a lot to dig into. I also hope you'll feel free to add your own comments and engage in dialogue with other members. This is a place for both sharing and learning, and we can all learn much from each other from all walks of life. BTW, your presence here is synchronistic! Your are officially the 500th member of the Alliance!! Again, welcome, and enjoy the journey.
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