I can really relate to this image as my thwarted, deeply embedded, shock/trauma response containers break down and release chills, heat, pain, distress
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  • This image came to me in my Google+ Celebration event and immediately I connected with the video by Robert Romanyshyn [much gratitude] - Antartica: Inner Journeys in the Outer Worlds I have been listening to randomly [as the spirit moved me].  My listening to the Antarctica began with my joining DPA - September 2012 to May 31, 2015.

    Now I am beginning to make some connection between some my dots [acute illnesses - NDE's], altered states  or what I now refer to as my "dash interruptions" [suspended states to survive the illnesses].

    My last acutely illness was a year ago [anniversary time], and I have enjoyed good health.  I sense deep releases from a cellular level.   Some very nice deep releases, amazing grief healing work which is helping me to let go of old, past matters [adult children], I have no control over and need to simply lift them up, not enabled, let them feel their own burden from their own life experiences - totally unburden and really thrive in the moments most definitely in the here + now of my life!

    It is so amazing  and all coming together for me - Big time.  Peace + Love Linda

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