This image is like the day I felt like I was totally surrounded by the darkness...evil [1994] during a dash to Bellwether...Lots of strange supernatural phenomena manifesting...lots of prayers for help, especially protection for my heart...and got this flash of deep pain in my heart followed by what I thought was a burning arrow piercing it and sense of sacred calm with tremendous warmth of my whole thorax...In 2002, I felt this feeling in my chest [volcano] was going to kill me, informed I now had a dangerous accumulation of thwarted trauma response in several Trauma Vortex Containers specific + secondary to post-trauma impact wounds.I did not know I had them until age 35 and a rude awakening when my sister died [age 42]...I noticed I was unable to shed a tear... 1st time I felt aloneness.
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  • May 27, 2015 - On Friday, Feb 13, 2015 I sought out 50 photographers to submit posters or photos to help me share the sojourn working through Susan Carter's research -  The 9 Themes of Grief.  I collected 150 images! Today the deep message of why this particular image connected so deeply with me was a matter of fact making, shuffling the photos around, placing them sequential healing journey sequences into the 9 theme album, plus my person healing album is I very helpful, especially regarding the numinous stuff...

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