The Source

Denita Benyshek, reverse-painted and collaged glass. 6'3" H. Private collection, San Francisco, CA.
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  • Hi Denita + Tim - creative artistic expression, talent is encouraged, nurtured early + runs across our generations.  I was studying art in Grade 7 - 9, the great master's, had a fabulous art teacher, qualified with opportunity for an art scholarship, however, by circumstance [summer age 16] detoured... into the helping professions age 17, serving for 50 years.   This year's my Golden retirement [Nov] and I'm returning to my first love connection I found within expressive art forms...                                                                                                                                                             Love of natural nature, symbols, colours and music/dance all move me deeply.  I keep a song in my heart [Mom loved music] and with the vibrations and flow states in these moments - I peak, see images and hear words that help me heal.  Guess my muse is God...for me God is love.  My teacher informed me there are 4 degrees of God's Love - Storage, Eros, Philos + Agape and I have been fortunate to dip myself in all of these wellsprings that have quenched my thirsts...met my variable needs...and at this stage of my life, I'm heaven on earth living/thriving on a spiritual life which I dreamt about walking in good when dreams are fulfilled, come true.  Peace + Love Linda    

  • This is a fascinating topic for me. My Muse has been a powerful influence for me (a strong Anima, a strong Erotic drive– both sex and art, a strong religious longing and a strong esthetic response all converge in a passionate life force that funnels into the calling of the Muse for me.) I am very curious about other peoples' creative muses. What do women respond to? I've never heard a woman say that their own womanly being is their muse, but this makes perfect sense to me! (Both on the personal and the collective levels). I've had a hard time getting answers from women artists I know...

    I'm also very curious how sexual orientation relates to artistic inspiration. Does a gay artist respond to the Anima as creative force or is the sexual figure the carrier? I am quite sure that the erotic force is paramount. I'm also convinced that much of what we think of as a "sex" drive is actually an erotic longing for transcendent connection that has more to do with art and the connection of spirit than a longing to exchange body fluids! It's just that our bodies already know how to do sex, we already have the equipment and the training, so it offers a clear pathway for connection!

    I have been trying for years to make some sense of these desires. Doing lots of writing and some limited experiments, but anything outside the norm is difficult. I wonder who else is working in these areas. Got any ideas?

  • Not that men have not been great sources of inspiration for me, too.

  • You're right, Tim. This medium is just about impossible to photograph (not that any work of art makes the transition to photography without some, if not much, loss). I'll post a detail later. The work started with me drawing a large vase. Dull. So, I began dancing in my studio, no music, with the large vase and how could it be moved? Pouring. Like Ingres "The Source" - only another woman is not my muse. For many women, their own womanly being is their muse. From themselves, through their own bodies.

  • Very intriguing imagery! I suspect that we're not seeing nearly the light and texture that is in the original... Well done!

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