What is Deep Education?

What is Deep Education?

by Craig Chalquist, PhD


Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.
-- John Dewey

I am English by birth, but I am Early World Man. And I live in exile from the world community of my desire.
-- H. G. Wells

What if, as depth psychologically-minded cultural workers, we labored against falsely separating the processes of individuation from those of liberation? 
--Mary Watkins and Helene Shulman


Some years back I began to realize that all my efforts as an educator tended to gather around a set of core aspirations that surfaced in and out of the classroom rather like recurring images in dreams.

Whether tracing the presence or “soul” of place (now called terrapsychology) as its ecological traumas echo into its inhabitants’ minds, tending a symbol appearing in the dreams of a group of dreamers, discussing how to detect and live with one’s personal myth, explaining how ancestry offers a legacy of guiding motifs encoded as metaphors, examining an institution as a complex system, or teaching ecopsychology and ecotherapy, my goal has always been, I now know, to work toward reconciliation of conscious self, personal unconscious, collective unconscious, nature, place, and planet.

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