Mysterium by Antonella Adorisio, Trailer video - Music by Donatella Caramia

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Mysterium A poetic prayer - Testimonials on Body/Spirit Coniunctio (DVD, 57 min) is a donation for Ribur Rinopoche's reincarnation and for the children of ...

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  • Antonella,

    Thank you. I watched this before going to meditation. Thank you.


  • "What is spirituality to you? What does body/spirit coniunctio mean to you? These are the questions that have guided the creation of the video Mysterium – A poetic prayer – Testimonials on body/spirit coniunctio.  Mysterium, begun a few years ago as a sort of personal diary intended to express inner emotions and images, has now expanded to include the testimonials of other Jungian scholars of different nationalities. A video that developed almost on its own, based on direct observations of real life. This “diary of images” slowly became a  video to be shared and to convey experiences, arouse emotional resonance and lead to reflections on the personal manner in which each person lives his or her own spirituality. The legacy of the Jungian approach to images emerged and took shape during the creation of this video which gradually grew, transforming itself and acquiring a life of its own. Conscious and unconscious themes on spirituality appeared on the computer screen through images coming from external world. Jung taught us that there is no substantial difference between the interior and the exterior as real is what works, what leads to transformation. The paradox that unites inside and outside realities generated new possibilities that allowed me to experience unexpected synchronistic events, a manifest expression of the activation of a coniunctio of opposites, and to confidently sustain a new way of dialogue with the unconscious."   Antonella Adorisio

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