The Wounded Healer

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In Greek myths, Chiron was the wisest of the Centaurs and the archetype of the Wounded Healer He was accidentally wounded by an arrow that had been dipped in...

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  • Hi Bonnie - I really enjoyed this Wounded Healer video, glad I joined the alliance and there is so much offered in this global community that I am just starting to tap into.  Good to know Judith that one's woundedness is often clarified and the pathway to healing is revealed for that is exactly the age mine occurred which was a significant juncture in my life.  It's in the stars and our destiny if we are looking and open to same.  Thanks.  Regards Linda

  • Thank you to Bonnie for adding that piece on the Archetype of Chiron. Astrologically around age 50, is when one's woundedness is often clarified and also when the/a pathway to healing that woundedness is revealed. A terribly significant juncture in life and within one's horoscope!
  • I have always been drawn to the archetype of the wounded healer. Personally I found the music on this video a bit distracting, but it contains some great images. If you feel the same, maybe just turn the sound off and focus on the visual...

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