I wish I knew more about Astrology/Archetypal Astrology and have promised myself one day I will take it on. Meanwhile, I know just enough to be dangerous and found this article from Rick Tarnas that seems to shed some light on some of the current transits and influences (over a 20 year period, of which we are smack dab in the middle!). 

I'm sure some of you in this group will be able to benefit far more with your advanced understanding. Having said that, I do love Tarnas' writings--it just takes me forever to get through them because they require lots of moments when I have to put the reading down to try to absorb the previous paragraph.. 

Please let us all know if you read this and have comments/feedback.


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    First, I want to share the synchronicity of this situation. I had attended the James Hillman Tribute during the first weekend of March at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I stopped by the research library to check out some tapes. Today, I was listening to Richard Tarnas' lecture he presented at Pacifica in the year 2000. Then, here I come upon an excerpt from his book, "Cosmos and the Psyche". Although the Neptune in Pisces transit just happened in February to last until 2025, that is the transit that is affecting me the most. Presently, it is in the 9th house of "higher education, philosophy and religion". My Jupiter in Taurus is located in the 9th house. I have become the Seeker of all Wisdom. The Alchemist of my body, mind and soul. In other words, I love pondering the ideas of the Cosmos. When I first started my studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute I was truly a neophyte of Jungian Psychology and Mythology. On the other hand, I had been studying Astrology for over thirty years. Put the two together and we have "Archetypal Astrology". What I really want to exclaim is I began my search for the Philosopher's Stone and the Tree of Life. And I feel I have found it! The Neptune in Pisces is opening people to an expanded awareness of Spirituality. The hidden is being revealed for all who seek. We are living during an energetically, dynamic time of change (uranus in aries).  


  • I found the link to the article. Thanks. Couldn't open it at first. New to group. Excited to join.

    • Great!--Thanks for your interest, Teresa--and sorry for your trouble. You're not the only one who couldn't open it initially--but I have tried again tonight on both Mac and PC, and in two different browsers. The original still works for me: http://www.archaijournal.org/Tarnas_World_Transits_2000-2020_An_Ove... Let me know if you continue to have trouble and we'll find a way... Welcome! BB

  • Bonnie, I keep getting "invalid URL-???

  • Thanks Bonnie for this valuable reference. Tarnas puts clearly what the world is experiencing in the light of astrological terminology. Especially :

    "So also the distinctive Saturn-Pluto theme of the “end of an era,” the

    widespread sense that history has undergone a kind of traumatic

    contraction, an encounter with immensely grave events and mortal dangers

    that ended an age of relative security, innocence, or naïveté."

    Let's hope the new dawning that Uranus in Aries brings will be uplifting for humainity. Perhaps the age of the protester,the revolutionary en masse.

    "The Uranus-Pluto square of 2007–2020 is the first major

    hard-aspect or dynamic alignment of the Uranus-Pluto cycle

    since the conjunction of the 1960s. While this transit is still at

    an early stage, we can see already many of the most distinctive

    manifestations of the Uranus-Pluto archetypal complex in current events:

    the intense acceleration of the pace of change, the intensified cultural

    ferment, the increased social and political turmoil internationally, the

    empowerment of emancipatory and revolutionary movements..."

    Certainly Pluto in Capricorn has given us our fair share of toppled dictators and regime change, coupled with economic collapse and the overthrow of outmoded financial systems.


  • Thanks for this, Bonnie


    Rick Tarnas has such an extraordinary depth of insight and understanding of the underlying structures of historical change. A

    Indeed we are in the middle of this. We have been witnessing the current tightening Pluto Uranus square tightening  in the revolutionary uprisings in Egypt,  the earthquake in Haiti, the nuclear disaster in Japan now....come home to the U.S. with the Occupy Wallstreet movement. Revolution, change and eruption are the hallmarks of this configuration.


    It is a resurgence of the energy we lived through in the 60s intensified. A surprise awakening around every corner. I am reminded daily of Jung's statement that "what we don't bring to consciousness comes to us as fate"...The gods of the world psyche have dropped the gauntlet...are we ready to awaken?

    • One way or another..... we will awake!

  • Yes, I've heard this before about Rick Tarnas. Many seem to have that reaction.  I've even found myself feeling afraid to read him because of the fear that I will not be able to grasp what he has written. But I've forged ahead. ..His scholarship is impeccable.  And what he has to  say sinks in subtly in ways.

      Perhaps  a new mood, or way of seeing the world  suddenly appears.   His thoughts while  scholarly,   enlarge one's world  in unexpected ways.  To study astrology as an archetypal metaphorical language has an amazing impact on one's everyday life.  Personally, I've had to back track a bit in my own work, and gladly so of late,  since I've become  more and more enamored with looking at the horoscope in this way.    In a way you're lucky Bonnie to be able to start your astrological voyage here, moving from the archetypal world to the personal, and not the other way around. The astrological experience is far deeper this way. For instance as Uranus moves through Aries now, for the next several years there will be a breaking free that will no doubt shake up  many to their core.  One must ask during this period, who and what must be freed, and at  what cost?The archetypal view allows for a larger understanding  of the purpose of a  transit.

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