WHAT: Special Study Group: Jung's with Jungian Analyst Robert

WHEN: Starts January 19th: Consists of 20 pre-recorded lectures of 1.5 hours each; an 88-page study guide created by, Robert 's colleague, Jill Fischer; and this written online discussion forum. Runs 40 weeks

WHO: Anyone who is interested in Jung's , Robert . Facilitators: Janet Fortess and Chris Doggett

>>>This Special Study Group starts January 19th, 2013. It is an open written discussion forum based on following the pre-recorded 40-hour audio course* with Robert available from Jung Platform.

This is a central place to which you can come and post questions or comments about the designated module you listened to for the 2-week period and interact with others who are doing the same thing. As such, there is no set "time" it occurs, but rather is ongoing and you can post or respond at your convenience. Janet Fortess and Chris Doggett, students and colleagues of Robert will be providing some structure and be on hand to facilitate the discussion, and Robert himself will also be checking in.

*If you're not following the audio course, you're still welcome to engage here in whatever discussion is emerging--though of course you'll likely get far more out of the process if you are able to listen to the course itself.


1. Listen to an interview with Robert on Shrink Rap Radio with host Dr. David Van Nuys to help you get to know Robert better in preparation for the course.

2. Get your copy of this in- audio course from Jung Platform. The course consists of 20 lectures of approximately 1.5 hours each which occur every two weeks. In each lecture Robert addresses a few pages from the . You can read along in your copy of the .
This course comes with an 88-page study guide designed by Robert 's colleague, Jill Fischer, which contains a synopsis of each lecture. After each session, there are questions to help you test your understanding. After finishing the entire 40-week course and tests, you get a CE certificate and a Certificate of Completion from the Jung Platform University.

(Cost FULL COURSE: Lectures 1 through 20 + 30 CEs + Synopsis / Study Guide - $99). members get additional 25% off using the code" "). The course may also be purchased in two individual parts.

3/ Join the online discussion forum in the Psychology online community (HERE!) starting January 19, 2013, where everyone who follows the audio course from Jung Platform can come together and discuss each particular section. This forum will be facilitated by two professionals, Janet Fortess and Chris Doggett, who have been trained in Embodied Imagination with Robert for three years and Robert will be checking in every two weeks as well. (This forum is open to everyone, regardless of whether you follow the audio course or have the )


Robert , PsyA, is a Jungian psychoanalyst who graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich in 1977. Since then he was been in private practice in the United States and Australia. Robert founded the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary and developed a method of working with dreams called Embodied Imagination. He has also written several s, including the worldwide bestseller ‘A Little Course In Dreams’.

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    • Dear David

      Thank you for this.  When I saw the picture, i was struck by the word "descendent" on his shirt.  It put me in mind of how the journey to soul is a descent and how my own howl of terror and resistance often accompanies that journey even as I find responding to the call irrestible.  

    • That T Shirt was a gift from a friend. I, too, noticed and asked. Descendents was/is a punk rock group from some years back. The smaller text below the figure says - I don't want to grow up! It was the name of an album they released. Yep, a howl of terror and resistance! I guess it starts early and ends late.

    • Actually, David, I was suggesting you post it in the general Forum using the link at the top of each page--but I believe this is a beautiful practice you have started, very much in the tradition of Jung whose letters to various individuals have given us so much information. Imagine if Jung had also written to each of his children or grandchildren as babies as well....

      Also, just a note: you may be aware that in the Red Book in the section on Soul and God (p. 233 in the original), when Jung "speaks to his soul" he says his dreams have represented it as a "child"... Perhaps this letter is a way of you speaking to your own soul in some way.

    • There is no question that these letters are written to me as well as Harvey and his father. Like Forster, I write them to clarify what I think. And they are often influenced by what I have recently read. TRB has provided me one of many windows through which to view this "granpa" situation, one of many windows through which to view this life. I am known within the family as a letter writer. For me, it seems to work better than the verbal route. You're right, Bonnie, it is a way for my unconscious to speak to me.

      I remember reading that Anne Sexton's therapist encouraged her to return to writing poetry. She had given it up many years prior...pretty smart therapist. 

      All MY Pretty Ones

      Father, this year's jinx rides us apart 
      where you followed our mother to her cold slumber; 
      a second shock boiling its stone to your heart,
      leaving me here to shuffle and disencumber
      you from the residence you could not afford:
      a gold key, your half of a woolen mill,
      twenty suits from Dunne's, an English Ford,
      the love and legal verbiage of another will, 
      boxes of pictures of people I do not know. 
      I touch their cardboard faces. They must go. 

      Yep, I think that therapist was encouraging her to open another window!

  • Jung's recording was a beautiful prayer and offering of his life to the God within and the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner has that same quality of the recovery of life in the face of death by a turning toward life through giving thanks. Beautiful thoughts to carry to work with me today. Thank you!

  • Really enjoying the posts. I stumbled on an article this week that talked of memorizing poetry. ~ http://tinyurl.com/adtqshg ~ It quoted a number of poems, and I read them all, or had them read to my by YouTube. I mention this because the 26 min Ancient Mariner, read to me by James Mason ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5m05UgF5VQ ),to which I read along ( http://www.online-literature.com/coleridge/646/ ), reminded me so much of the first book ~ Liber Primus ~ especially at the end of Part IV, where the Albatross falls away...

    An orphan's curse would drag to hell
    A spirit from on high;
    But oh! more horrible than that
    Is the curse in a dead man's eye!
    Seven days, seven nights, I saw that curse,
    And yet I could not die.

    The moving moon went up the sky,
    And no where did abide:
    Softly she was going up,
    And a star or two beside -

    Her beams bemocked the sultry main,
    Like April hoar-frost spread;
    But where the ship's huge shadow lay,
    The charmed water burnt alway
    A still and awful red.

    Beyond the shadow of the ship
    I watched the water-snakes:
    They moved in tracks of shining white,
    And when they reared, the elfish light
    Fell off in hoary flakes.

    Within the shadow of the ship
    I watched their rich attire:
    Blue, glossy green, and velvet black,
    They coiled and swam; and every track
    Was a flash of golden fire.

    O happy living things! no tongue
    Their beauty might declare:
    A spring of love gushed from my heart,
    And I blessed them unaware:
    Sure my kind saint took pity on me,
    And I blessed them unaware.

    The selfsame moment I could pray;
    And from my neck so free
    The Albatross fell off, and sank
    Like lead into the sea."

    Part V

    "Oh sleep! it is a gentle thing,
    Beloved from pole to pole!
    To Mary Queen the praise be given!
    She sent the gentle sleep from heaven,
    That slid into my soul.

    The silly buckets on the deck,
    That had so long remained,
    I dreamt that they were filled with dew;
    And when I awoke, it rained.

    My lips were wet, my throat was cold,
    My garments all were dank;
    Sure I had drunken in my dreams,
    And still my body drank.


    The imagery struck me, he's parched and essentially in a dessert, the crew is dead, the sea is a churning awful red, he cannot pray, but then some moonlight, and then snakes of blue and green and black that flash golden, then love wells up, and he can pray again, and then he sleeps and dreams, and awakes to rain... It was a serendipitous find, but isn't that how Jung would want us to be, to find things through synchronicity. One more bit of synchronicity, the curse is lifted at the end of Part V, which Jung would have considered a symbol of wholeness, and that the Albatross fell away like lead, an alchemical turning point...

    Also, in reading your posts, mention was made of concern about one's own journey. To me this reference brought up lectures from Joseph Campbell about the Knights Errant thinking it was wrong to go on the adventure is a bunch. “You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path. Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s path. You are not on your own path. If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.”

    As for me, when the Red Book came out I had just started a two year masters course in Information Systems Engineering at NYU/poly. I so felt the tug. I live in NJ and could have, should have gone to see the Red Book on display. I obtained my degree and started a new job, working here and in Japan for Hitachi. However, the siren song of my soul pulls me back to Jung. I've been reading him since high school in the late 70's... One day this will be my day job...

    Why We Should Memorize
    Why undergo the laborious process of memorizing a poem these days, when—tap-tap-tap—you have it at your fingertips? Has this become another outmoded …
  • Thank you, Ann. That find was golden...

  • Hi Janet and Ann - thanks for the dates of q2weekly schedule and the great Jung delights on you tube.  Regards Linda 

  • Hi All,

    Glad to see Constance right side up but I enjoyed your slant view also.

    No one is too late to join in.  Let us know if you are having any other technical problems. 

    Any questions about the CD's, study guide or CE's can be sent to info@jungplatform.com

    Let's replace more Jung faces with yours!

    Thank you, Ann, for the deep, resonant voice of Jung paying homage to Life, to Soul, to the Divine.


    Here is the schedule of beginning dates for written discussion of each lecture.

    DISCUSSION FORUM for Special Study Group: Jung's Red Book with Jungian Analyst Robert Bosnak
    January 19-October 26, 2013

    Lecture 1 January 19             Lecture 11 June 8
    Lecture 2 February 2             Lecture 12 June 22
    Lecture 3 February 16           Lecture 13 July 6
    Lecture 4 March 2                  Lecture 14 July 20
    Lecture 5 March 16                Lecture 15 August 3
    Lecture 6 March 30                Lecture 16 August 17
    Lecture 7 April 13                   Lecture 17 August 31
    Lecture 8 April 27                   Lecture 18 September 14
    Lecture 9 May 11                    Lecture 19 September 28
    Lecture 10 May 25                  Lecture 20 October 12

  • I found this recording of Jung very moving. It is so much the voice we hear in the Red Book, this voice of mutuality and equality between the Jung figure and all the figures of the Deep. Thank you for bringing it to us.

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