Big Dreams about the Economy?

Help! Like most of you, I worry about the state of the economy throughout the world and, also, about what seems like a huge transfer of wealth to the upper-income society here in the U.S. What is the future for middle- and low-income people, and how might Psyche be preparing us for these emerging cultural changes in our dreams? Without launching into intellectual debate about politics, I'd love to hear about dreams that you may be having that speak to the collective. I have had none, so maybe I can find hints in your dreams . . .

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  • Hi Dorene, I am new in the forum so excuse me please if I am starting of in the wrong place. But somewhere must I do.

    I was interested in the topic Big-dreams as I am starting a big-dreams harvesting project (link on FB

    The idea of this project came to me in a series of dreams where David Hilbert asked me to do it (the full account is on my blog htt:// Hilbert was known to me because I majored in Mathematics, but it took me a long while until the ah-Ha came  - it had to do with how Hilbert identified the "23 problems" of formalising mathematics that occupied science for the next 100 years - so the orientation I am giving to the Dreamverse project is arrive at core issues.

    In doing this, I am wondering how to go about setting up collection sets - what would be good guiding topics. For example yours here on the economy, one should think may be good, yet there are no posts on it. Why do you think this is the case? This without doubt is in the collective but perhaps the economy as such belongs to people concerned with it, while for the rest one sees the symptoms?

    I compare this to when I dream of physics, which I usually take as symbolic, as I don't have a way to discriminate in this field as a physicist would (as Pauli did). Also when I dream of mathematics, even though this I studied, it isn't my area of real depth knowledge or focus.

    But when I dream of the body, it is clear to me that this is precise and real knowledge often even if I am not a medical doctor, but somehow it has become "my area", and therefore the big-dreams I can classify accordingly.

    I wonder if to get the dreams of the economists or financial professionals, or others who are deep into trends, and analysis in that field, AND who care about dreams is the way to go?  

  • Dorene,

    Great topic! I've been having the 'movie time' going on again. So many that I'm not able to recall much upon awakening. I just started calling it 'movie time' for lack of a better title. But I will search for this.  It is too prevalent to ignore. Thanks, Ruth

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