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  • Really love this forum and the exchanging of ideas, dreams, insights! Continuing on ones journey into relatively unknown territory via dreamwork is the most amazing and engaging endeavor we can take! Thank you, Dorene, for traveling on this path with me ,now! Blessings, Ari
  • Jung said that the imaginal work that he documented in the Red Book was the basis for all of his academic and theoretical contributions that followed. Wow! Given that this chronicle of his active imaginations occupied him for only a couple of years, and he contributed prolifically over the next 40 years, that's a pretty clear directive on the importance of such inner work. I have seen over and over that the act of engaging with dreamscapes and dream images as if they are living creatures, distinct from our rational selves, brings about a shift for the better in the individual's sense of wellbeing. Of course, these images have something important to "say" to us: Otherwise, they would not have shown up at all. Even those images that spring from the collective, or the World's dreaming, would not have come through unless they had met with some resonance deep within the individual's psyche. As a dream worker, I consider myself a facilitator of these "conversations," and I have found that I don't have to tend all the figures that seem important, or take a dream through to some resolution--the simple act of guiding the dreamer into some form of relationship with even one figure is deeply touching and can be transformative. It's about making real and deliberate contact with a soul figure, even if the connection is brief and light.
  • Thanks, Bonnie--I LOVE dream work! It's pretty funny, because when I encountered forms of dream work over the years that involved applying fixed interpretations on dream images, I felt completely dumb . . . As a result, I turned to collage, which I considered "dreams made manifest." Engaging with collage images in Active Imagination opened up astonishing revelations and insights. Tending dream images in that way has completely turned me on to dream work.
  • Dorene! So glad you created this group. I'm looking forward to doing a session with you soon so you can use DreamTending on me. Thanks for your good work!
  • Good move, setting this up, Dorene!
    I like the image, too. I was just reading an old dream when I got your invitation to join.... the fish are jumping, Julie
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When Dreams Depict a Stage in the Alchemical Process

I have been going through profound changes for the last three years that have included a number of losses. I have glibly referred to my situation on occasion as "my dismantling." I'm coming out the other end, but managing my mood is still an effort. I don't know a lot about alchemy, but a dream I had a few days ago brought forth the image of the alchemical bath and seemed to speak to the magnitude of my transformation:  I am seated in a black office chair on rollers in a large auditorium with…

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Dream of Turtle Populations at Night

Hi all, there has not been a lot of activity on this group recently and I don’t know how many folks are around, however I have a dream I’d love to get any feedback on.  This is from two nights ago—the product of a very jet lagged brain.  Here is the dream:  I am looking at a map of the world, traditional world map, flat.  Suddenly night falls over the map and the map becomes like a deep dark green-black.  I am situated off the map in a neutral, observer space.  As night moves over the map (and…

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I feel like a fraud

I wonder if anyone else has the same struggles I do? I have OSA.  Try as I might, I simply cannot seem to remember any of my dreams.   It's the most frustrating thing -- not having dream recall.  As I wondered why, I began to research the answer to this dilemma. I discovered a study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine which found that in a test group of 393 people, more than 70 percent who did not have sleep apnea were able to recall their dreams, but those with severe sleep aponea had a…

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