Cathryn Harrison replied to Thom F. Cavalli, Ph.D.'s discussion Castenada made it up?!!
"Hello Thom, Castenada definitily influence my understanding in much the same way that Gurdjieff did, and tough though it seemed (and still does) I was determined to hold their ideas and methods as good working models. Call me a fool but whether fact…"
Jan 31, 2012
Cathryn Harrison left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Hi Cathy, That's an interesting notion and it caught my eye because Pisces is my birth sign, I will watch out and if anything really exciting shows up I will let you know."
Jan 30, 2012
Cathryn Harrison left a comment for Dorene Mahoney
"Hi Dorene,
Thank you for the welcome, glad to be here, I will definitly join in soon when I have found my way round."
Feb 13, 2011
Cathryn Harrison left a comment on Shamanism, Ritual, & Medicine
"Ed: Interesting comment you make about cross-cultural shamanic healing. My thoughts started to work on this whilst I was in my veg garden this morning, it looks rather rough cold and wet right now, but it transforms in a few short weeks into…"
Feb 12, 2011
Cathryn Harrison left a comment on Shamanism, Ritual, & Medicine
"Beautiful womb-like depiction Mary, birthing into the next world. What struck me was the 'working' articulated foot to send her off with, replacing the damaged one perhaps.Thanks for the link Bonnie. Incredible. I think we are beginning to remember…"
Feb 12, 2011
Cathryn Harrison left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Thank you for the link Ed I will go check it out.  I would be interested to see if and how he deals with pathology in corporate and group structures in an archetypal way.  It seems that this is an area not many are willing to go and who can blame…"
Dec 21, 2010
Cathryn Harrison left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Thanks for the welcome Ed; Yes the weather is not good, so I would definitly wait until the summer to visit your sister ( in the cider season).  Thank you I would appreciate directions to the book you mention.
Looking forward to finding my way…"
Dec 20, 2010

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  • Cathryn, I'm delight to have you in the group, The Twilight Zone! Please join in some of the existing conversation threads, or feel free to start another threat that interests you--I'd love to hear your thoughts about this astonishing subject! Welcome to the Depth Psychology Alliance!


  • I would bet the unrecognized shadow would figure into the pathology somehow.

    By the way, love your picture. Makes me crave the seashore. May warmer weather soon come your way.

  • Here is the book: Mapping the Organizational Psyche: A Jungian Theory of Organizational Dynamics and Change - Paperback (June 2003) by John G. Corlett and Carol S. Pearson. They carry it on Amazon. I used this as a source when I led a workshop entitled "Discerning and Protecting the Soul of an Organization" for a gathering of non-profit leaders. Hope you find it interesting, and I'd be happy to chat more about this topic.

  • Hi Cathryn! I also wanted to welcome you to the online Depth Psych community, though Ed, my counterpart and co-facilitator on the Alliance has beat me to it as he so often does. We are doing our best to reach out and spread the word in new circles, so I'm curious: through which Psych organization you heard about the Alliance. Looking forward to having your voice in the community! Enjoy the site!


  • Welcome Cathryn,

    My sister lives in Somerset and I hope to get back to see her. Terrible weather I hear in your part of the world. Hope you are well and warm. I also hope you will find this site interesting. I have a book at home written by one of my professors about archetypal work and the organization. I'll send you the information if you wish.



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