Mark Edward Armen left a comment for Paul Budding
"Greetings, Paul:

Thank you for reaching out. I am interested in engaging in dialogue with others who share similiar interests. Currently, I'm reviewing the basic concepts of Jung's model of the psyche, reading Hillman's "The Myth of Analysis," and…"
Feb 20, 2011
Mark Edward Armen left a comment for Dr Brent Potter, PhD, PhD
"Hello Brent,

Thank you for reaching out. Please forgive me for not responding to your invitation before now, but my computer is still working with Windows98, and it is sometimes difficult to access webpages.
What is your particular area of…"
Feb 20, 2011
Mark Edward Armen replied to Paul Budding's discussion Archetypes
"I think of the archetypal as the undergirding of the universe -the internal structure and content of the "Animal Mundi." In its widest sense, isn't this how the cosmos is organized, archetypally?"
Jan 24, 2011
Mark Edward Armen left a comment for Ed Koffenberger

When my marriage collapsed seven years ago, I made a choice between attending the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, or Pacifica. I decided on the former, and I wonder sometimes if I made the right choice. I will attend Pacifica at some…"
Dec 21, 2010
Mark Edward Armen left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Dear Ed -

Thank you for your greeting. Actually, I live in northern California, about ten miles north of Berkeley. I do look forward to exploring this site; currently, my particular focus is in the connections between Rilke's poetry and depth…"
Dec 21, 2010

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  • No worries! Hit me back some time that is convenient for you! Blessings! :)
  • Interestingly enough, I entered seminary when my marriage broke up and found Pacifica while I was there. It took a few more years (10 actually) before I joined Pacifica. "If I had known then what I know now." You get the picture. Romanyshyn is teaching one of my classes in January. We are reading his The Wounded Researcher for discussion. I'll mpass on any golden nuggets.
  • Greetings Mark, and welcome to the online Depth Psych community! So glad to have you here. Hope you'll end up taking a moment right away to jump in byasking a question on the Forum, joining a group, posting a blog, describing
    your work, or commenting on something from one of your peers. Enjoy, and I look forward to getting to know you further.

  • I'm in Kentucky and attending Pacifica in CA. You might want to start a blog or forum related to Rilke and depth psychology. If it hooks a number of people, you might go to a group format. Rilke was part of my past and your interest nudges me to pull the book back off the shelf, after I finish my Rumi.
  • Welcome Mark Edward (Is there a preference here?),

    Hope you find the site stimulating and I look forward to seeing your entries to the blogs and membership to the groups. By any chance are you located in the South?


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