Ed Koffenberger left a comment on Jung in the South
"As the statues come down or are being debated; as the flags are being removed or changed. What kinds of responses have you observed in your areas? What arguments are being presented for the removal or retention of these symbols? What function does a…"
Oct 15, 2020
Ed Koffenberger left a comment on Jung in the South
"So...after a LONG time away, I resurface and wonder who is still out there, esp. in the Carolinas and Virginia? Frankly, I took too great a chunk of real estate in my exuberance with the beginning of the DPA. Now hoping there are some still…"
Jun 14, 2019
Ed Koffenberger replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion How pervasive or recognizable is Depth Psychology?-- How (and how often) do you share?
"The actual phrase "depth psychology" about three times. The concepts and perceptions related to and introduced by depth psychology, most likely, 10+ times a week. Normally with people interested in dreams, synchronicity, religion, and philosophy.…"
Aug 21, 2015
Dorene Mahoney replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion What is the purpose of education? in Deep Educators
"Is it too late to reopen this question? Not sure if anyone is interested after almost two years, but I just joined this group, so I'll throw my hat in the ring. I'm a businesswoman, but at my core I feel that I am an educator/mentor. My field is…"
May 7, 2015
Ed Koffenberger left a comment on Jung in the South
"After a hiatus that included taking a new job, moving to a new state, and having, on the way, heart surgery, I am back and needing some mental stimulation! I'm in North Carolina now (New Bern) and looking for any groups that may be in the area,…"
Feb 17, 2015
Alan A. MacKenzie replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion The Family Shadow in MFT and Depth/Archetypal Psychology
"Hi Ed:  I so relate to your ideas.  Depression, from a clinical sense, has always been viewed as an "individualized" issue, i.e. within the skull of a single individual.  Why can't we view depression and other psychological influences from the…"
Nov 22, 2014
Alan A. MacKENZIE commented on Ed Koffenberger's event Journey Conferences
"I sure love your description of this superb sounding conference, Ed.  I wish I could attend.  Long way to come, however...
Thanks for keeping us posted, Ed!  Even if it is only to drool over...
Your friend, AAM"
Oct 15, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion Journey Conferences 2014 in Jung in the South
"I am told that the shuttle information is coming out in the new E-News from the Journey Conferences. We'll both check when it arrives."
Sep 24, 2014
Ed Koffenberger posted an event

Oct 30, 2014 at 9:00am to Nov 2, 2014 at 6:00am

St. Francis Springs Prayer Center

Sep 24, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion Journey Conferences 2014 in Jung in the South
"I'll be happy to check. Thanks for the positive review! :)"
Sep 24, 2014
Emmi Harrell replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion Journey Conferences 2014 in Jung in the South
"Really looking forward to another wonderful Journey Conference. My memories of past conferences have been so sustaining and rewarding over the years. Glad to see the return and appreciate all those whose hard work---Tom Lane!--brings this to the…"
Sep 24, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"Fun. As I understand it, the collect unconscious of humanity is drawn from the combined unconscious dynamics of humanity passed down from the earliest times. If experience is the key, then the alien experience would be alien (couldn't resist) to our…"
Jun 22, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"Absolutely. Even Jung postulated that archetypal images could change and new images added after long periods of acceptance by humanity."
Jun 22, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"Just occurred to me that false memory creation has been going on for generations, just not along neuroscientific lines. How many times has history been rewritten and taught in our schools to generations not old enough to have their own memories of…"
Jun 21, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"I like it..."
Jun 21, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"First, going back to the original question, in the context of the collective unconscious, is there such a thing as a false memory? Within the collective unconscious, no, for all human events are physical manifestations of the human condition. Within…"
Jun 21, 2014

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  • Thanks, Ed, and Happy New Year to you!  I am starting with a local Centerpoint group in the Detroit area and, as well, I study with the Interregional group in Pittsburgh.  Would love to devote much more time to Depth Psychology.  I am moving my life in that direction. 

  • Thanks for your kind welcome Ed.

    As a shooter in a precision target shooting team, a depth psychological perspective is relevant, as procedural memory is determined by unconscious processes (most likely one's personal unconscious). It's not all positive though. Complexes may still'constellate mid-competition, for a variety of reasons.

    The mountaineering fall occurred on Feb 24th 2001, nearly 3 weeks before my 30th birthday. That event formed the basis for my becoming the person I am today...different yet the same. It is the beginning of my inner journey, which included becoming familiar with Jung's concept, and reality of, synchronicity. I view the fall from Tower Ridge, on Ben Nevis, as'the call to embark on the Hero's Journey. 

    Myself and two friends had chosen to climb Tower Ridge, as part of a parting season of winter mountaineering, as I was planning to move to Gothenburg, Sweden, to continue some post-graduate research at the Earth Sciences institute. We assailed the route's first pitch of mixed rock and ice, approx. 15 metres long, leading onto the lowest end of the ridge-line.  The 'crux' pitches of the route, i.e. the most difficult sections, are concentrated at the top of the ridge, in two sections called the Great Tower and Tower Gap, respectively. After navigating through both sections of exposed and delicate mixed ice-and-rock climbing, my last memory before falling (of which I remember nothing, despite having returned to climb the route with friends in June 2004) was joking to Neil - who was unfortunately killed during the c.800ft fall - feel the wind pick up to my right...turned my head to look...then woke up 13 days later in Southern Glasgow Hospital's ITU ward, minus my right leg beneath the knee, my left ankle shattered and dislocated (and thankfully now healed, and can walk well due to hard physio and gym), and my hands falling apart due to 3rd degree frost-bite. 

    Since then I re-trained for a fairly successful career as an IT business analyst, working full-time since 2005.

    What's your own story?

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you Ed, for your comments and welcome. I have also found expressive approaches are quite useful with children who have been sexually abused, namely for me Sand Play. I look forward to being part of this community. 

  • I was on adjunct faculty at LPTS (in its AAMFT program) when we moved to Pittsburgh in 1994.  SBTS's program was designed for AAPC membership and CPE supervisory credentials.  I minored in theology during my doctoral work.  Albert Mohler, the future fundamentalist president of the seminary was in my seminars.  He seemed like a benign, genial Neo-Orthodox Barthian at the time.  Not sure when he became a raving fundamentalist, but at least he solved the parking problem at the seminary, as one of the jokes went!  He would be a (depth) psychology-of-religion study all his own.  I was clinical director at the Personal Counseling Service in Clarksville IN before moving to Pittsburgh.  Do you know if it is still plugging away.  I heard they got a nice new building a few years ago.  

  • Thanks Ed.  Graduated from Southern in 1986.  It was the "old" Southern Seminary before the fundamentalist takeover.  Its psychology of religion program was quite depth oriented back in the day. 


  • Thanks for the welcome Ed. I hope to be quite engaged in this marvelous website.

    You asked about the Pittsburgh seminar. My impression is that it is smaller than others but it has a lot of energy, a quite diverse faculty, and an outstanding group of candidates and auditors. It's a great education with a good deal of both depth and humor.

    Thanks for your interest in my website. My wife designed it.

    Thanks again. Have a good holiday.

  • Hi Ed, Thanks for your welcome.  And thanks for developing a website with such rich content and connectivity.    

  • Thanks for the welcome, Ed. I look forward to discovering the energy on this Web site!

  • Of course!  Your Bob Marley Opera project sounds fascinating and very creative.  I'd like very much to learn more about it, and about the Lilith theatre company too.  Maggie Reilly is working on a number of stage projects and works with full choirs and orchestras.

    With Every Good Wish for You and your Projects,


  • Thanks Ed,

    Thanks too for the welcome.  The movie is in advanced pre-production, and we hope to have a full promo short completed soon after Christmas.  The movie soundtrack is by former Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells - soundtrack to The Exorcist) singer Maggie Reilly.

    The movie will be an Animus-Anima drama played out from the Creation thru the English Civil War (17th Century) up to the present day.  A Biblical-apocalyptic narrative - interpreted through a Gnostic lens.  Scripts have been completed for two sequels: Lilith 2 The Devil's Bible and Lilith 3 The Pleroma.

    Kindest Regards,


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