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“The earthly sounds of all atomic motion, including the sounds of the body—the heart, lungs, circulation, cellular activity—come from the cosmic sound of the creative vibratory activity of Aum. The sounds of the nine octaves perceptible to the human ear, as well as all cosmic low or high vibrations that cannot be registered by the human ear, have their origin in Aum.” ~ from the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

There is something I am learning about in the alchemy which has to do with vibratio

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Young Dream

Can't remember when I wrote this poem based on a dream. But ran across it today in my piles. Hope you enjoy. 

Young Dream

Doctor Jung comes to
visit me in a dream.

he looks younger. Not like
Felix Unger or some

but more like Vic Morrow
or my Uncle Ray.

his 1950's crew-cut reminds
me of Russian MiGs.

black and white photos,
iron curtain.

I take the time to visit with him.
because he may not be
around much

I notice he looks very young
for a man born in

the 1880's.

I think it's because of his inquirin
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PSYCHOLOGICAL LIFE begins in the imagination. That’s one reason I have a sign in my office, dangling from the mantel, that asks clients if they have a dream to share or if something unusual happened since their last session.

The latter — odd, sometimes surreal experiences — often communicate at great depth what is going on in a person’s life, conscious and unconscious. They essentially occur in an altered state when our repressed feelings — even the refusal to acknowledge our circumstances — dema

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Working with Dreams: Depth Psychology Techniques of Carl Gustav Jung and James Hillman

Dream work is ancient, it’s long tradition evidenced in the temples of Asclepius in Greece where individuals went to be healed through their dreams. Dreams have been an important aspect of many spiritual traditions, and even Freud considered the study of dreams to be his most important work. There are many methods of dream analysis. When working with dreams, it can be helpful to intentionally assess them from v

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"Stream" - A Time To Fly

"Stream" - A Time To Fly

"Stream" Original Painting on Rice Paper by Roberta Ann Busard

A Time To Fly

I have begun to paint again.

But what is that? What does that mean?

I never really stopped or did I? Did I pause?

I had a dream once, where I was in this great cave with a great opening with a bottomless abyss below and the infinite heavens above.

 There were streams of birds flying upwards and through in groups. I meant to leap, to join with them. Their flight called me from my very core.

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Nature Dreaming

I dream about foxes living on my property—a silver fox and a red fox.  In the dream, I do not see them, but I know that they are there—mysterious presences that come through the woods and occasionally make themselves known.  In the waking world, I have seen the red fox.  Once, in the dead of winter, I looked out my dining room window and saw it walking on the surface of our frozen pond.  The contrast of color was startling—its bushy rust colored coat framed by the white and gray tones of the ice

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Alchemy Dream Interpretation

I am working with archetypal psychologist Howard Teich, Ph.D. See his brilliant book, Solar Light, Lunar Light, perspectives in human consciousness (www.fisherkingpress.com). This is an abridged version of a dream Dr. Teich has interpreted. The long version will be posted at his website soon. Stay tuned:

A dog in a dream is a representation of the instinctual aspect of life that is emerging to guide us and wants to be paid attention. Just as a dream has many interpretations, the dog in a dream ha

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Dream Work - Thoughts to Share

I have shared postings on Dreams and Consciousness, in a tucked away folder on my site, but it isn't a "blog" and doesn't allow questions and other's thoughts... so I thought to try posting it here to see what it stirs up.

Question about Identity in Dreams
For those who don't know me, I have maintained a Dream Journal, for "3+? decades" and have used this dialogue as a growth experience and knowledge training opportunity, seeing patterns in rapid evolution, sifting out the repeated motifs, notin

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Not long ago I was walking on a cliff trail in Santa Cruz overlooking the Monterey Bay.  It was a quiet Monday morning and I heard a strangely familiar sound from long ago.  I looked out over the bay and saw four Tundra swans flying over the bay heading west to an unknown location.  The Tundra swan has a low, whistling, plaintive song that is not easily mistaken.  What are they doing here, I thought?   I was born on the Northern prairies in the middle of the country, and these swans traditionall

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Eros and the Shattering Gaze: Transcending Narcissismir?t=wwwmalcolmclc-20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=1926715497ir?t=jungbook-20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=1926715497With Great Pleasure Fisher King Press announces the publication of:

Eros and the Shattering Gaze: Transcending Narcissism
by Kenneth A. Kimmel

This timely and innovative expose by contemporary Jungian psychoanalyst, Ken Kimmel, reveals a culturally and historically embedded narcissism underlying men’s endlessly driven romantic projections and erotic fantasies, that has appropriated their understanding of what love is. Men enveloped in narcissism fear their interiority and all relationships with emo
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Eros and the Shattering Gaze: Transcending Narcissism
I want to be able to fly. I want to hover around you like a 
winged Cupid in attendance on his Goddess.(1)

From The Golden Ass by Apuleius. Lucius here pleads with his lover, a witch’s apprentice, to steal a magical potion so that he can be transformed into a god. Instead, he is given the form of an ass and must submit himself to an existence as a loathsome beast of burden.

We live in a time and culture predisposed toward life at the surface. Ours is a society that privileges eternal youth and beau
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Animus Aeternus

Animus Aeternus cover image  Lovers’ Promenade © 2009
Iris Sonnenschein 
With Great Pleasure Fisher King Press Announced Today:

Now Available from Fisher King Press
Animus Aeternus: Exploring the Inner Masculine
by Deldon Anne McNeely
Shipping Feb 15th, 2011
List Price $25.00
Introductory offer $19.95

“The animus is the deposit, as it were, of all woman’s ancestral experiences of man—and not only that, he is also a creative and procreative being.”
—C.G. Jung

Inextricably enmes
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article by Lawrence H. Staples

the problem of the opposites

Jung recognized that the problem of the opposites is one of the most formidable obstacles to psychic integration. Even when we are able to integrate opposites there remains substantial tension between them. If the integration is so complete that the opposites literally merge, consciousness, as we know it, disappears. Consciousness of life depends upon the tension of opposites. So the problem is to bring them close together without a total
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Living the Symbolic Life

It is Sigmund Freud who is credited for the discovery of the unconscious and is often called the “father of psychology”. Psychiatrist and medical historian Henri Ellenberger, in Discovery of the Unconscious, describes Depth Psychology as the key to exploring the unconscious mind. Understanding what lies in the unconscious--whether repressed, forgotten, or simply never known--can help us bring meaning to our conscious lives. The unconscious makes itself known to us through symbols, that is, image

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