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  • One of my favourite books is The Origin of Unconsciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. Don't let the title put you off. And whatever you may think of Jaynes' theories you have to admit that it's an intellectual tour de force.

  • I would add the books by Paula Reeves, both Women's Intuition and Heart Sense.  She is in Atlanta.  And check out Susan Olson's By Grief Transformed.
  • I remember being deeply influenced by Ernest Becker's The Denial of Death.

    I'd also recommend James Carse's Finite and Infinite Games as another brilliant little life-changer.

    Aphrodite's Daughters, by Jalaja Bonheim, is incredible, as is Woman's Intuition, by Paula Reeves. (The latter has simple title for such a rare and deep book. I believe Marion Woodman is the co-author.)
  • I've just completed Donald Kalshed's The Inner World of Trauma.  He's proposed groundbreaking ideas about what lengths the Self will go to preserve the psyche from being re-traumatized.   Both startling and insightful, Kalshed presents a novel  view of Self as both protector and potential annihilator.  His use of dreams and fairy tales to explicate theory make this book especially poignant.
  • Thanks for the video, Bonnie. Peter Kingsley has chosen an odd, anti-academic style for his later books (Ancient Philosophy has an academic style) that can be off-putting and even frustrating, but his ideas are worth exploring for those interested in the interfaces between psychology, religion, and philosophy. I for one had paid no attention to the ancient Greeks in this context until I had read his books, but they have opened my eyes to many things.
  • Ian, Thanks for posting about Peter Kingsley. Someone had highly recommended him to me a few months ago and I had never heard of him before. I still haven't had as much time as I'd like to dig into his work, but his work is quite remarkable. I've just posted a (20-minute) interview with him in the Videos section for anyone who is interested...
  • Reading Peter Kingsley's books because of Thomas Moore's recommendation: 

    Ancient Philosophy - opened my eyes to the connections between religion and philosophy for the ancient Greeks

    In the Dark Places of Wisdom - Parmenides was a follower of Apollo who practiced incubation

    Reality - Kingsley provides a mystical/psychological analysis of Parmenides writings

  • Hi Lois. Sandplay is such a fascinating topic: Do you have any specific books you would recommend on the subject?
  • I forgot to report that I present topics related to mythology and sandplay to many groups.  In April, together with Ilka List, we are presenting the snake as a healing symbol.  I am focusing on Medusa as the negative side of the image and her role as the negative mother archetype.
  • For dog lovers:

    The Symbol of the Dog in the Human Psyche: A Study of the Human-Dog Bond by Eleanora Woloy.

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Books You Recommend to Others Outside the Field of Depth Psychology

I would love to hear what books have worked well for introducing others to a depth psychological perspective. My own book initiation into the opus of depth would have to be either Hillman and Ventura's "We've Had 100 years of Psychotherapy.." or Bill Plotkin's "Soulcraft."Those more nature-based wayfarers that I recommend Plotkin to always seem to share a jolt of energy and recognition with me. But more often, I seem to recommend James Hollis, either his "What Matters Most" or "Finding Meaning…

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CG Jung and St. Teresa of Avila

I was wondering if anyone has come across anyone's writings which looks at Teresa of Avila's spirituality and ties it to any of Jung's theories?  I'm familiar with Clift's book "Jung & Christianity" (1982) as we had it in our college library.  I'm particulalry interested if anyone has any notions about "Self-Image and Transofrmation" (later in life) or "Transformational relationships". Carolyn Dunow (2009) writes of Jung's notions of 'enlightenment' in her latest paper (see attachment):  "We…

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Books on Female Shamansim

I just mentioned a couple of books in the Shamanism group during a discussion on  the history and culture of women shamans and thought I would post them here as well. They are both excellent: "The Woman in the Shaman's Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Relgion and Medicine by Barbara Tedlock "Shakti Woman: Feeling our Fire, Healing our World-The New Female Shamanism" by Vicki Noble

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Winter Quarter 2010 Reading List for PhD in Depth Psych at Pacifica Graduate Institute

For your interest...Since someone just suggested it, I thought I would list a sampling of the books on the syllabi for upcoming coursework in PhD program in Depth Psych at Pacifica Graduate Institute:   Avens, R. (1984). The new gnosis: Heidegger, Hillman and angels. Woodstock, CT: Spring. Brooke, R. (2000). Pathways into the Jungian world: Phenomenology and analytical psychology. London ; New York: Routledge. Casement, A., & Tacey, D. (2006). The idea of the numinous: Contemporary Jungian and…

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