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  • Hi Ruth...yes, the uncs is beckoning to us every day. Those numinous experiences are very seductive to our cs selves. I tend to plot the experience of each dream in a mind-map, then add nodes of interpretations/impressions/visions/eureka moments/meanings to each experience. I've found that by returning to the material, and re-visiting the imagery and other sensory modalities that were active during the dream (bearing in-mind not all modalities are likely to be active...depends what the uncs wants to communicate to each of us), and being...open...other imagery / impressions come to me...does that make sense? Feelings and emotions are the key.

  • Hi Hilary, Thanks for sharing Bosnak's wisdom. There is no map of the territory really, is there? Although many have devised various ways, helps, and hints. (And Jung comes the closest!) Meridith Sabini says there is no meaning in the dream;  meaning is acquired layer by layer as it is talked about and shared w/ the therapist (listener).

     I think we get so excited with  msg's from our uncs-we rush to make them as understandable as possible to our cs selves, wishing so much to tap into and feel the numinous, to find a path, to be pulled above the daily stuff of life. 

  • Hi Kay

    Thanks for asking - it is a great reminder to myself that moving to interpret dreams can as Bosnak says "act as an astringent" quickly drying them up to possibility, essentially closing off the dream portal from the essence of what is soulfully seeking attention. Letting the dream work the dreamer is a way of saying we deepen into the dream with the dreamer to experience it from an embodied perspective that allows it to become more fully real/ized and for the dream to do its work. I hope that makes some sense! It is risky to go into uncharted waters and not be tempted to use a map, but go with feelings and emotions. 


  • Hello deep dreamers! I humbly consider myself an apprentice to the mystery of the dream. I have studied dreams and trained with a number of folks (Woodman, Plotkin, Aizenstat and others) and lead a "dream council" each month where we deepen the conversation with soul by attending to our dreams, let them 'work' us rather than we 'work' them. It is the time of images indeed! 

  • Hi Cathy, That's an interesting notion and it caught my eye because Pisces is my birth sign, I will watch out and if anything really exciting shows up I will let you know.

  • Hi, I'm Cathy and a new member.  I lead Jungian dream groups and I'm having everyone look at any archetypal dreams they've had in their lives to see how the themes are playing out for them at these most interesting times.  As an astrologer too, I'm interested in how everyone's dream life will manifest with Neptune going into its own sign of Pisces (the collective unconscious) this week on Feb. 3. 

  • I could be off to the IASD conference in Berkley in June. Maybe see some of you folks there! :)

  • Very much so Lucille. Just prior to a life-transforming winter mountaineering fall on Ben Nevis, Scotland in Feb 2001. A week before I planned to drive up to 'the Ben' with two friends, one of whom died during the fall, I had a very lucid, deeply meaningful and prescient dream. I was a very active sportsman before my injuries - amputated right leg beneath the knee, left ankle shattered and dislocated (now thankfully healed as good as it gets!), and loosing most of my fingers to frost-bite (how careless?!). 

    The dream began in what looked like a gym, with cycling, step, and cross-training machines. The space the gym occupied looked like it was from the Matrix...a huge, white, expansive space, which just seems to go on and on. I looked down and I was wearing a curious mixture of styles - a cross between running kit and a hospital patient's top, all in white. As I looked around I saw a woman, tall, with long dark hair pulled back into a pony tail, who was dressed in black gym kit. The colour of her eyes was...indeterminate, though I think it was dark, very dark...like pools I could lose myself in. She smiled and my heart sang! She was physically very attractive, though there was something beyond that...she was/is beautiful, truly numinous. She then asked me to step onto one of the cross-trainers, and programmed the machine to start an arduous hill session on a ridiculously high setting! When I looked down and in-front and saw that my hands and legs were oddly hazy, like viewing them through a "you're just fine, put one foot in front of the other, and no matter hard it gets, keep going!" She smiled dazzlingly again...I awoke in my bed, on the Saturday before we were due to drive to the mountain.

    After walking out of hospital in June 2001, one of my sisters suggested I see a tarot reader and clairvoyant who only plied her trade through recommendations. This lady, despite knowing absolutely nothing of the circumstances of the fall, recounted the entire ordeal. One of the last cards she drew was...The Tower. The resonance between viewing the card and receiving a Eureka moment, hit my like a sledge hammer...the route we climbed was Tower Ridge. She also said that the fall (she insisted it wasn't an accident) was  part of my life's journal, in that it provided me with lessons and trials toward becoming 'my true self'.

    Since then I've kept a journal of all such dreams, knowing which to record and which to ignore. I've started applying Robert Johnson's 'Inner Work' approach, with growing success...and boy, is it hard work becoming more self-aware! 

  • Education Institution

    Dreams are so significant in our lives. I was listening to Thomas Moore's book on CD, "A Life of Work: The Joy of Discovering What You Were Born To Do". Thomas Moore relates his journey toward the discovery of his life's work by paying attention to the recurring images in his dreams. It was an airplane that kept crashing. Finally, when his life was headed toward his soul's yearning, he had another dream of the airplane that successfully stayed in flight. Since then he has not dreamt of an image of an airplane. Oh, I must include he also did an Active Imagination with these recurring dreams.


    I am at a crossroads regarding my life's work. I presented a Dream Workshop along with an on-going dream group. It has been so wonderful! We are working with the book, "Innerwork" by Robert A. Johnson. (Already worked through that book before, but, refresher is great!). I will now play close attention to my images in relationship to my life's work since we all know that whatever is most urgent yearns of our soul's desire will appear in our dreamscape.  

  • I want to share a James Hillman dream I had just last night.

    There seemed to be some natural or other disaster looming on a large collective scale.I had prepared to take my important belongings and leave the area. A car was to pick me up with a few others on board.The car pulled up and a man got out out. Come, he said, you  are traveling  with me.He had  a trench coat, and looked younger and healthier for a man who had been  so terribly ill. It was James Hillman!

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