C.Victor Posing, left a comment for Sue Stevenson
"  I like your blogspot.  You write well
Nov 13, 2011
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"Wel, well, you joined.  Welcome to the Alliance."
Aug 13, 2011
C.Victor Posing, commented on Payam Ghassemlou Ph.D.'s video
"I have read all of the Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee books and highly recommend. Naqshbandi Sufism has similarities to our Depth Psychology and he is a Jungian."
Aug 3, 2011
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Jul 31, 2011
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"I really like that statement."
Jul 19, 2011
C.Victor Posing, replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion "The Earth is Full"
"Most people are aware of the rising problem with overpopulation and cost of food that keeps going up, but one of the main problems is the lack of knowledge in the areas of nutrition, and ways of sustainability.  This was given away to the government…"
Jun 21, 2011
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"Thanks for starting your group.  I clicked on to join and hope to interact.  I have been an artist for most of my life, but now enjoy bringing up images from the unconscious and creating the painting, along with mysticism."
Jun 17, 2011
C.Victor Posing, left a comment for Cynthia Cavalli
"Cynthia, make sure your device is not a tens unit which is for use on the body only.  The units that are designed for application on the brain are much lower in output.  No more than 3 milliamps."
Jun 16, 2011
C.Victor Posing, commented on C.Victor Posing,'s blog post The Self
"Lewis, I totally agree that time and space are an illusion, but needed in our 3 and 4 dimensions to navigate, However in the vacuum, or the space between everything, and there goes the word space, the scalar waves coalesce with electromagnetic waves…"
Jun 16, 2011
C.Victor Posing, left a comment for Cynthia Cavalli
"I have used the electronic devices for years and have gained many insights from their use.  The proper frequencies and correct input current ( electrical ) are important.  It actually excites the dendrites of the neurons to look for more connections…"
Jun 16, 2011
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"Thank you for your encouragement."
Jun 15, 2011
C.Victor Posing, commented on C.Victor Posing,'s blog post From Electronics To Jung
"There has been research on the range of vibrations of the DNA molecule and was found to be in the range from 54 to 74 gigahertz.  Dr.Norman Shealy obtained the information from scientists in the Ukraine. It was found that by applying stimulation of…"
Jun 14, 2011

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  • Why, thank ye kindly, sir :)

  • Thanks for the friend request, Victor! You are my first DPA friend  :)
  • Well now my interest is really piqued! I'll give my device a try. If I don't notice anything interesting, I may inquire about the ones you make!!
  • Hi Clarence. Welcome to the Alliance. I'm glad you've found us. I think you'll find many like-minded individuals in the community. I have been lucky enough to have Mary Watkins as and advisor these past 3 years in my PhD program and her work has influenced me tremendously on many fronts.

    I hope you'll jump in and engage right away by joining a discussion, commenting on others' posts, or posting some of your own work--maybe sharing a few of your blogs here in the blog section as well? I'll send you some tips on navigating the site in a separate email. Enjoy the site! Bonnie Bright, Founder
  • Welcome Clarence,

    I enjoyed browsing your wordpress site. I believe there are many ways to connect with others within the Alliance's many blogs, forums, and groups. I look forward to your posts.


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The Archetypes

  One of my favorite C.G.Jung excerpts from his book:  Memories, Dreams, Reflections:  I was greatly intrigued by the fact that a woman should interfere with me from within.  My conclusion was that she must be the “soul,” in the primitive sense, and I began to speculate on the reasons why the name “anima” was given to the soul.  Why was it thought…
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Slow Down

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When The Right Time Has Come

A few years ago while mining the soul, or rather meditating, and searching my subconscious regions for exciting information, I was having a problem getting results.  So, I decided to give up and wait for another time.  That same night I received a dream vision which contained a lady wearing armor and standing on the shoreline of a great ocean with a sword stuck in the sand. The accompanying painting depicts the vision. ( Whenever I have visions I paint the scene as soon as possible.) I asked…

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Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

  Just a few words about the equality of men and women.  It upsets me about the way women are treated as if they are the lesser.  I think it started  back in the cave days:  I have big club, and if you don’t listen to me, I will club you and drag you into the cave by your hair.( humor intended)  The truth is that the women are more than equal, and  science has proved it by the way that the brain is wired.  She can multitask easily because of the connection of the hemispheres, which are more…

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We Are More ThanWe Think

If we take notice of many of the things that we do each day, such as:  getting up a little later than we planned, breaking something that was valuable or very meaningful, or losing things that we kept in special places that we were attached to, or have thoughts that we try to avoid, or run into someone unexpectedly , or do things that we thought that we couldn’t do?  Much of this comes from the unknown regions of our subconscious.  We need to understand that the subconscious holds an…

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A Ravenous Dragon

The soul is affected physically by choices we make and by the desires, the ones that keep us bound, and makes an imprint.  Many of our illnesses are brought on by the repressions,  called our Shadow by Carl Jung, which are the things we dislike about ourselves, or know that we have a potential for, but try to keep hidden within our psyche.  The soul records all of these things and causes us havoc if we do not come to terms with them.  Carl Jung once said speaking of ancient Greek Mythology: …

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Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and according to Archetypal or Depth Psychology we carry energy traits from our ancestors within our psyche.  This might revert back many generations, so we have these energies that come to the surface at times and also can influence our thinking in many ways.  Many of us think that our parents didn't bring us up right, but they walked in all of the light that they had.  I'm very thankful that my parents did the best they knew how, and here I am making decisions and…
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The Bible and the Sword

Another excerpt from a Thomas Moore book which definitely agrees with my understanding:  "People caught in the extremes of spirituality don't want to hear that it can be source of evil.  It is of the nature of spirit not to be self reflective.  It tends towards action and literalism.  It takes it's own imagination of reality as plain fact and angrily defends those facts.  And so spirituality often has two layers of defensiveness - a belligerent attack on those who don't agree, backed up by a…

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The Self

My morning thoughts took me to Carl Jung's process of "Individuation" and the similarities of many of the World's great thinkers and the various religions.  The process of finding the core of being seems to be in most of the basic themes, and immediately one realizes that their outward personality does not match this inner Self.  The process then starts diminishing the importance the of the ego and then works towards understanding the Self, or Center of Being, and in turn, starts bringing this…
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