Ed Koffenberger left a comment on Jung in the South
"As the statues come down or are being debated; as the flags are being removed or changed. What kinds of responses have you observed in your areas? What arguments are being presented for the removal or retention of these symbols? What function does a…"
Oct 15, 2020
Ed Koffenberger left a comment on Jung in the South
"So...after a LONG time away, I resurface and wonder who is still out there, esp. in the Carolinas and Virginia? Frankly, I took too great a chunk of real estate in my exuberance with the beginning of the DPA. Now hoping there are some still…"
Jun 14, 2019
Ed Koffenberger replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion How pervasive or recognizable is Depth Psychology?-- How (and how often) do you share?
"The actual phrase "depth psychology" about three times. The concepts and perceptions related to and introduced by depth psychology, most likely, 10+ times a week. Normally with people interested in dreams, synchronicity, religion, and philosophy.…"
Aug 21, 2015
Dorene Mahoney replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion What is the purpose of education? in Deep Educators
"Is it too late to reopen this question? Not sure if anyone is interested after almost two years, but I just joined this group, so I'll throw my hat in the ring. I'm a businesswoman, but at my core I feel that I am an educator/mentor. My field is…"
May 7, 2015
Ed Koffenberger left a comment on Jung in the South
"After a hiatus that included taking a new job, moving to a new state, and having, on the way, heart surgery, I am back and needing some mental stimulation! I'm in North Carolina now (New Bern) and looking for any groups that may be in the area,…"
Feb 17, 2015
Alan A. MacKenzie replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion The Family Shadow in MFT and Depth/Archetypal Psychology
"Hi Ed:  I so relate to your ideas.  Depression, from a clinical sense, has always been viewed as an "individualized" issue, i.e. within the skull of a single individual.  Why can't we view depression and other psychological influences from the…"
Nov 22, 2014
Alan A. MacKENZIE commented on Ed Koffenberger's event Journey Conferences
"I sure love your description of this superb sounding conference, Ed.  I wish I could attend.  Long way to come, however...
Thanks for keeping us posted, Ed!  Even if it is only to drool over...
Your friend, AAM"
Oct 15, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion Journey Conferences 2014 in Jung in the South
"I am told that the shuttle information is coming out in the new E-News from the Journey Conferences. We'll both check when it arrives."
Sep 24, 2014
Ed Koffenberger posted an event

Oct 30, 2014 at 9:00am to Nov 2, 2014 at 6:00am

St. Francis Springs Prayer Center

Sep 24, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion Journey Conferences 2014 in Jung in the South
"I'll be happy to check. Thanks for the positive review! :)"
Sep 24, 2014
Emmi Harrell replied to Ed Koffenberger's discussion Journey Conferences 2014 in Jung in the South
"Really looking forward to another wonderful Journey Conference. My memories of past conferences have been so sustaining and rewarding over the years. Glad to see the return and appreciate all those whose hard work---Tom Lane!--brings this to the…"
Sep 24, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"Fun. As I understand it, the collect unconscious of humanity is drawn from the combined unconscious dynamics of humanity passed down from the earliest times. If experience is the key, then the alien experience would be alien (couldn't resist) to our…"
Jun 22, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"Absolutely. Even Jung postulated that archetypal images could change and new images added after long periods of acceptance by humanity."
Jun 22, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"Just occurred to me that false memory creation has been going on for generations, just not along neuroscientific lines. How many times has history been rewritten and taught in our schools to generations not old enough to have their own memories of…"
Jun 21, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"I like it..."
Jun 21, 2014
Ed Koffenberger replied to Gerard Scott's discussion The collective unconscious
"First, going back to the original question, in the context of the collective unconscious, is there such a thing as a false memory? Within the collective unconscious, no, for all human events are physical manifestations of the human condition. Within…"
Jun 21, 2014

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  • Hi Ed, thanks for your welcome. My topic was chronic pain.
  • A belated thanks for the welcome, Ed. I'm a first year in the depth/somatics program. I feel a little new at all this and haven't yet begun to immerse myself in readings and conversations as much as i would like since I am wrapped up in trying to move across the country. I will say that I've been listening more and more to my intuition/psyche's call/ whatever you want to name it, and although I had fully intended to go to CIIS in San Fran, all paths kept inviting me to Pacifica. Sandy
  • Quite well actually.  Although he is of a different school of thought he is very open to new ideas and a healthy debate.  My friend is very "science" orientated and as of late has had a great amount of animosity towards religious fanaticism especially in regard to world politics.  Here in lies the beauty of depth psychology, science and soul can be taken together as part of a whole. 

    Thanks for asking.

  • Sorry, I didn't know about the character limit...kind of an amusing idea in itself.  This is my first social network.

    However, the second reason has to with all of us in the field.  As ones who study depth and continuously look back into our history we should never forget our origins, no matter how much they make us cringe.  We once thought it was acceptable to do such a thing to people, let us learn from our mistakes.

  • Hello Ed,

    Thank you for the welcome, it is great to be part of such a community.  As for my choice of picture, where to begin and at what level?  It is titled "The Madhouse" and it was painted by the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya between 1812-1814.  Something about his work seems to scratch a nerve for so many.  His play with shadow and light on the canvas mirrors this play within ourselves and casts a light (even if a dusky light) upon society as a whole.  So at one level, I enjoy the fact that his painting inspires one to look at society and those who have been cast out of society by the domination of what Jung called the "De´esse Raison."  As well, Goya himself continuously used this theme to comment on the reality of Spanish life.  Yet he also makes a social commentary on the leaders of the time, you see the military, the church, royalty and such presented as mad or maddening...I think this may strike a chord with the world today as well.  However, the most striking aspect of this painting for me as of now and really why I chose it is two parted.  Firstly, during a discussion with a friend, outside of the field, I brought up Jung's idea that the gods are in the symptoms and I attempted to clearly illustrate this point to a very ego centered thinker (not egocentric).  I tried to explicate the idea that if someone who is suffering from what the average person would call insanity, say having hallucinations of specific people, creatures, etc., these hallucinations have a depth of meaning that is beyond the idea that they are not "real", but merely fantasy.  There is a reason the unconscious produces specific images, per se, to this person, therefore they have meaning, meaning for the soul and it is not our duty to negate the reality, but to try to understand the story and personal meaning, possibly help bring this to the consciousness of the one who suffers in order to alleviate some of the pain and stigma that is placed upon the mentally ill.  

  • Hi Ed


    Thanks for checking in. I take a class in San Francisco at CIIS on Wednesdays with Richard Tarnas (as though, I don't have enough to do! but love it) So, I will try again tomorrow and definitely check in or you will realize I have succeeded when I am no longer wearing Jung's image which is of Archetypal proportions and somewhat challenging to ebody. I am realizing how spotty my technological knowledge is.

    Thanks for your kind help!

    Blessings Eva

  • Thank you for the comments on my web site, its a work in progress!  Its a new approach to me, and like that it is evolving.  :)
  • I'm in the MA counseling psychology D Track 1st year
  • Oh, so many answers! <grin>  I paint in both oil and watercolor (with some acrylic thrown in). Printmaking: etchings and collgraphs, mostly. Occasionally monoprints.

    I, too, encourage you to try your hand at watercolor. You will be surprised at how much control you have, particularly if you avoid the staining colors when you first begin. Good paper makes all the difference, because it's very forgiving.

    Ah, yes, student loans. I returned from ZH with enough of those to sink a battleship --AND I had two daughters who were headed for college almost immediately after my return. (I had some mighty skinny cows in my herd for several years!)

    The loans do seem to get paid off, though, and mine led me to some very interesting and creative ways to earn money.

  • Regarding Anima Mundi Journeys...thanks Ed. Yes, this is a yearly trip with the dates varying from late spring to early fall. I will post future journeys on this site. Bon Voyage. Jeannette Athena

This reply was deleted.