Elizabeth Wagele commented on Elizabeth Wagele's video
"Dear Ruth,
You are so kind to tell me about this. My dream in writing the book was exactly this kind of outcome. It is so helpful to know there are others similar to us out there who understand what it's like to be different. I'm also glad we're…"
Jan 8, 2011
Elizabeth Wagele left a comment for Ruth Martin
"Glad to meet you, Ruth. I've been on Helen's panels a few times. She's a "pheeenom" as they say in this decade! The Enneagram is such a beloved tool. There's something about it that's so immediate, though depth psychology is, well, so "deep." …"
Jan 5, 2011
Elizabeth Wagele left a comment for Ed Koffenberger
"Nice to meet you, Ed, and glad you appreciate humor. Adding humor to the sacred Enneagram was a scary thing to do in a certain way... people at the time took the Enneagram Sooooo seriously, and many still do. But the subtlety in some of the…"
Jan 5, 2011

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  • Hey Elizabeth, welcome to the Twilight Zone!
  • Hi Elizabeth, I'm glad to see an Enneagram person here!  I studied 3 yrs with Helen Palmer (JFK Univ, CA) but in a different decade!  It is remarkable, and still in active use in organized religious groups such as Sufism and Monastic Catholicism.  Greater use in Europe from what I understand.



  • Welcome Elizabeth,

    Went to your website and enjoyed your cartoons. There is such a need for a Hermetic sense of humor in our culture. Feels like we have lost our humility as we have lost our humor. Welcome. I see Bonnie is especially interested in your enneagram work. She has been our cohort's teacher in this.


  • Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to the online Depth Psych community! I meant to send you a personal note and invitation to the Alliance when I saw you on Twitter, but I am behind and you have beat me to it.

    So I have to own up to something: I am addicted to your book, Enneagram made Easy. I started intensive training in the Enneagram in 206 and logged over 300 hours of workshop & seminar time that year. I was (ansd still am) so passionate about it, everyone I knew wanted to know what all the fuss was about. That book is the absolute best introduction I can imagine for friends and family. I am sure I have given away dozens of copies in the past few years, and I have four on my shelf as I write this, waiting and ready for the next person I talk to about it who wants to know more!

    I have been fantasizing about starting an Enneagream Group here on the Alliance, but just haven't found the time yet--but I really would like it to have a presence here since I feel so strongly about its fundamental importance in Depth Psychology.

    I know you have other interests as well, but I'm so thrilled you've found us and I look forward to seeing you here.

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