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Trauma, Demon Dis, and Soul!

Hot off the press, Trauma and the Soul, by my friend and colleague, Donald Kalsched, Ph.D., delves into trauma, the soul, and the demon Dis. I think I'm going to contemplate this area for a while on this blog. In particular, today, I am drawn to the body as container of repressed pain and trauma. Kalsched explores the myth of the god Dis, the penultimate demon of negation, the one who divides body from soul during trauma.

People who have been scathed by emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual trau

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This quote puts me in touch with that place in the journey of our life where we find that we have lost connection with our true self—our vision and identity—a place where psyche finds its self, essentially, in a dark wood. Those moments beg something different from us; the established ways no longer work—the direct way is lost...


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Jung on chickens, children and carrots.

According to a quote I've come across, Jung felt the problem with his (rich) female clients was that they were cut off from their biology, and therefore he advised them to 'go to the country and raise chickens, children and carrots.' 
I'm keen to hear what Alliance members think of this!
At first glance the quote appears to set the feminist movement back several hundred years *but* to my mind there is also deep wisdom in it - who doesn't first and foremost need to feel connected to the earth, to f

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My Mother and the Pope

I was surprised yesterday to receive a phone call from my very excited mother. She was thrilled to tears that ‘we’ had a new pope from Argentina. I could almost see her 82 year old self jumping up and down for joy. I, however, was a bit taken aback. We are Jewish.But we were both born in Argentina – and it seemed that regardless of religious affiliation or belief, regardless of the fact that Argentina protected Nazi perpetrators of genocide, my mother was caught up in the field of nationalistic
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Do We Need More Psychology?

Dennis L. Merritt, Ph.D.

In the famous 1957 BBC interview, C.G. Jung proclaimed, “We need more psychology, the human psyche must be studied! Humans are the source of all coming evil.”

Psychology is positioned to usher in a holistic approach to the study of the human psyche, our relationship to the environment, and a truly interdisciplinary educational system. As Jung pointed out, all we know and experience comes out of the psyche and all our systems, including science, have an archetypal base. The

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When A Pope Resigns...

The Catholic world has been struck by the resignation of its Holy Father - as was St Peter's Basilica by lightning on the very day his resignation was announced (Monday Feb 11 2013).
The image suggests to me that something very deep is at work here.
I'd love to hear from any Alliance members who have a view on the subject of the Pope, his shock resignation, and the way forward for the Catholic Church...


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Invitation to Participate

Hello Friends and Colleagues,
Below is an invitation to participate in a study on violent dreams.  If you could take a moment to think about participating, or pass the invitation on to someone who might be interested, I would greatly appreciate it.
Anna M. Kumor, MFT
Ph.D. Candidate
Pacifica Graduate Institute
Invitation to Participate in Study
A Study of Violent Dreams
If you have had violent dreams at any point in your life, and would like to share your experiences, react
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New member open to Discussions

I'm a new member to this group, and would like to dialogue with others about some of the contributions that I've made to the field of depth psychology. For example : 1. In the 1980's I developed the Mythic Journey Process which integrated Gendlin's Focusing with Archetypal Psychology; in the 1990's I added Tai Chi/Qigong to this process to integrate movement 2. My Mystery of Personal Identity book was the first to integrate astrology with depth psychotherapy and introduce a hermeneutic perspecti

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New Moon revives the story of Andromeda


The New Moon of 23rd Jan 2012 at 2Aq42 forms a T-square with Jupiter (1Ta44) and Saturn (29Li18) as the base of the T. From 19th Jan onwards, the Sun  (at 29Cap18)  begins its square to Saturn,  the leading edge of the T.


Jupiter wants to expand and reward what Saturn has concretized and put into place, and conversely, Saturn wants to give shape to Jupiter's grand expansive ideals.


The Jupiter-Saturn  opposition must be related to the original synodic conjunction between the same planets to disc

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This is my first post. I am a third year student at Pacifica in the Depth Psychology department - and a nuclear engineer who has worked in the field of nonproliferation. I am looking to bring my work in the field into my nonproliferation into my dissertation. Any comments are most welcome.

One of the key arguments against Iran obtaining a NW capability is that they will use it against Israel – immediately if not sooner! Yet to-date countries that have obtained a nuclear weapon have not used it ag

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Blog-1-231x300.jpg?width=174Where others had been too timid to travel, where many had been too short sighted to envision, where few had been resourcefulness to return: Jung was there. His impulse to discovery lead him to territories of taboo that where and have been too extreme for a great deal of our mainstream psychologists. He was interested in Tarot, astrology, physics, magic, the occult, UFOs, alchemy, mysticism, dreams, spirituality, channeling, ghosts, and mythology. However, he also had a keen understanding of our

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Depth versus Deep

Hi everyone,


I'm at work on an anthology with the working title Writings in Deep Psychology, and I thought I'd post a brief piece of it having to do with what constitutes "depth psychology." My anthology will include work from a number of pioneers, including Wundt (yes, Wundt: he did something for depth but most textbooks ignore it), Fechner (a tremendous nature mystic), William James, Pierre Janet, Freud and the Freudians, Jung and the Jungians, and work from Psychosynthesis, Humanistic-Existen

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Some Notes on Dreaming

Though we seem to be Sleeping,

There is an Inner Wakefulness

That directs the Dream,

And that will eventually startle Us back

To the Truth of who we are.



Dreams educate us about the nature and workings of the psyche, how the soul speaks in a symbolic language of images and stories, and how we assemble our individual version of reality through a narration of our story.  

   Our ego mind experiences life by telling us into this story and that story, into many stories.

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Michael Meade on Fate & Destiny

I wasn’t expecting to get blissed out at a lecture on mythology, but since Michael Meade was the one speaking, I should have known better. A thoroughly engrossing storyteller, Meade made his presentation in part to promote his new book, Fate and Destiny: The Two Agreements of the Soul (GreenFire Press, 2010). He began the evening by using stirring stories from his own boyhood to illustrate the compelling nature of the topics of his book. Here’s an example: When Meade was on the verge of adolesce
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Monday, January 10, 2011

I want to write today about what it means to me to be a depth psychologist in today’s world. I read about and feel in my bones the polarization in our country: democrats v.republicans, liberals v. conservatives, religious fundamentalists v. “New Agers”, and the list goes on. What it essentially comes down to is “me v. Other.”Whoever we are and whereever we stand is the “me.” Whomever the other person is that stands in a different place in the world in such a way that we c
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The D’mba headdress of the Baga people of Guinea West Africa was first recognized and recorded by Europeans in 1886, yet definitive understanding of D'mba remains elusive.[i] There are several reasons for the enigma surrounding D’mba’s meaning and function. First, the Europeans that initially encountered her relied on the Susu people of the region to name and describe her. That is the reason why she is still referred to by the name of Nimba, which is the Susu word for “great spirit,” and why she

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The Promiscuity Papersir?t=wwwmalcolmclc-20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=1926715381The Promiscuity Papersir?t=wwwmalcolmclc-20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=1926715381 by Matjaž Regovec

Available Feb 14, 2011   Order Now 

The Promiscuity Papersir?t=wwwmalcolmclc-20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=1926715381
by Matjaž Regovec
ISBN 9781926715384, 90pp, Index, Bibliography, 2011

In The Promiscuity Papersir?t=wwwmalcolmclc-20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=1926715381, archetypal roots of promiscuity are explored. In classical Greek and Roman mythology some promiscuous father figures may be found viz. Chronos (Saturn), and Zeus (Jupiter). Another form of Saturnian promiscuous dynamic is explored in the mythological figures of Oedipus and Antigone. This is followed by pres
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"...a miracle is an experience in which we witness manifestations that result from dimensions of parallel worlds breaking into the one we happen to be in at the moment.9142439070?profile=original From this perspective, miracles are the rule rather than the exception; only perceptual prejudice keeps us from seeing them."  298-299 Alchemical Psychology miracles
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Finding the Bones of Your Personal Myth


Hi all,

How wonderful that this community is expanding so rapidly.

I had the good fortune to hear Dr. Daniel Rottman, president of the New York Jung Foundation and a member of the faculty of the Assisi Institute, speak on the archetype of love in December at the Jung Center here. I expect to be posting some new thoughts on my Living Story blog about story and love, based on my experience with the story groups I facilitate, which have been inspired by his talk.

Meanwhile, I've posted a short fairy

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