New Bern, NC

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New Bern, North Carolina

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Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Mythology, Transpersonal Psychology, Art or Art Therapy, Dreamwork

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M.A., Jungian

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Pacifica Graduate Institute

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Narrative psychology combined with social systems on the "outside" and Jungian understanding of the interior "systems" make a nice pairing. Currently working on soul-related theoretical research establishing that soul is a misnomer. A proper understanding begins with seeing that souling as process is a better beginning to understanding the workings within the Psyche.

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Many, but most are Jungian based.

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  • Nice to meet you, Ed, and glad you appreciate humor. Adding humor to the sacred Enneagram was a scary thing to do in a certain way... people at the time took the Enneagram Sooooo seriously, and many still do. But the subtlety in some of the cartoons, besides the humor, helped me to make some of the points clearer as well.
  • Hi Ed, Thank you for your warm welcome. I am very happy to have found my "lost family!" Your dissertation title recalls a classmate of mine at CSPP who wrote his dissertation on Therapy as Theater. At that time, circa 1979, his work raised eyebrows, but secretly I was intrigued. Glad to see that you are carrying on the tradition, adding to this fascinating topic, the element of alchemy. I look forward to hearing more about your work. In return, I welcome your comments about Embodying Osiris.
  • Hi Ed, I am looking forward to hearing more from you in the future, especially with comments on my "gods" posts which will be a focus for me here for the next bit.  I am drawing from scattered posts on my blog site:  http://retiredeagle.wordpress.com/ which I can't use anymore while in China.  The current iteration of the blog site, hopefully the last home for a few years at least at http://rglongpre.ca/jungianlens/ also has posts which deal with the theme (as for example today's post).  I won't bring the current posts here as I am sure that anyone interested in more current stuff (post October 2010) will read at this newer site.

    Cheers, Robert

  • Thanks Ed! I'm glad you liked my post.



  • Thanks a lot,Ed, for spiritual supporting my project!
  • Hi, Ed!

    Thanks for asking about depth psychological perspectives  in Kiev. Yes,we are young but do all possible for developing. We are the Developing Group of Jungian analysts, we have routers in our group and candidates to IAAP members.IAAP member we have only one person in our country. We work with individuals and groups, have suppervision project by IAAP, have lectures,workshops and of cause--personal analysis. 

    I work in reabilitation center as a psychologist and as a lecturer in academy, sometimes translate  analytical articles to Russian for my colleques. Now I work on my new project in the reabilitation center--psychological help for relatives of cancer's people.

    so,it's shortly about Kiev.Of course,I said only partly, I can answer your questions

    And now can you, Ed, say about USA and your region?

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Hello Ed, my dissertation was called, 'Elements of Self-Destruction'--should be coming out as a book. My experience at Pacifica was amazing! Pleasure to connect! :)
  • Hi Ed, well, synchronicity at work, I'd say!
    Say, do you know how I can edit my profile page - I see a few errors on mine, and I don't seem to be able to get in to make changes. . .
    Thanks for writing,
  • Hi Ed, Found the website: www.psychotherapy.net   There is another that I subscribe to which is Psych Central <newsletter@psychcentral.com>    Probably web site is www.psychcentral.net (or.com?)  They're pretty juicy! e.g., good info.
  • Hi Ed, thanks for the message.  Somerset is a beautiful part of the UK and the Spirit is certainly present there.  Not so much in Bedfordshire but we are in a lovely rural pocket.  I'm pleased you're exploring my blog, it is definitely full of Spirit and my hope and intention is for people to engage in dialogue there on all sorts of matters, so if you feel so moved, please do write a comment.

    Best wishes,


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