Ruth Martin left a comment on Shamanism, Ritual, & Medicine
"Don Sandner was a great resource! That man could drum!! he is greatly missed by many."
Mar 26, 2013
Ruth Martin replied to Mark Sipowicz's discussion The World as it is seen, as affirmation in Ritual Space
"Thanks for that info, Mark. I discovered her many years ago, but then moved to other things. I got "A Thousand Mornings in ? Dec. And have been savoring it since. I will look for the CD, even the  title is a promise of some beautiful nature…"
Feb 27, 2013
Ruth Martin replied to Mark Sipowicz's discussion The World as it is seen, as affirmation in Ritual Space
"Mark, Thank you for the Mary Oliver! When I read her, I always feel like I'm there with her. She is one that both invigorates and calms me. Lovely.-Ruth Martin"
Feb 25, 2013
Ruth Martin commented on Bonnie Bright's event April Online Book Club: Eros & the Shattering Gaze with Jungian Ken Kimmel
"I've been wanting to read this, but may not have time to keep up with the group. How long after the event is the dialogue available?"
Mar 27, 2012
Ruth Martin replied to Bonnie Bright's discussion World Transits 2000–2020 An Overview from Richard Tarnas in Archetypal Astrology
"Bonnie, I keep getting "invalid URL-???"
Feb 10, 2012
Ruth Martin replied to Erel Shalit's discussion 2-FEBRUARY: Erel Shalit: The Cycle of Life – Themes and Tales of the Journey in ARCHIVED-Book Club 2012-2013
"Hello Erel and All, I am finding the reading to be a delicious experience: like a delicacy to be savored, and thoroughly enjoyed. I was trained in human development both in undergrad and in graduate school. This is the missing link! Being guided to…"
Feb 10, 2012
Ruth Martin left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Yes Hilary, "The Cloud of Unknowing fits well here. Richard, it's interesting that you are using mind-mapping. I have "accidently" landed on 2 sights showing books re: M.M. Could you talk a bit more about this? 
I haven't had time to be on the…"
Feb 10, 2012
Ruth Martin left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"A quick comment to Kay, I use Jung b/c it works for me. It is a beautiful mystical combination of intelligence and his research along with his intellectual training. I have been able to move in and out of trance states since I was a child (no, not…"
Feb 10, 2012
Ruth Martin left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Hi Hilary, Thanks for sharing Bosnak's wisdom. There is no map of the territory really, is there? Although many have devised various ways, helps, and hints. (And Jung comes the closest!) Meridith Sabini says there is no meaning in the dream;…"
Feb 9, 2012
Ruth Martin left a comment for Judith Harte,Ph.D.
"Judie, No problem at all! I've been involved in a pet crisis since that time.  I'm not on site much at this time. I have to  limit my computer time every now and then until I get a new desk. This one is too high and gives me neck issues!  No…"
Oct 20, 2011
Ruth Martin replied to Judith Harte,Ph.D.'s discussion Hello Ruth Martin....and Welcome to Archeytpal Astrology.....
"Hi Judith!  I just saw your message and I would love to learn more about archetypal astrology. I used to have readings regularly at a different stage of my life, and actually have realized my interest is beginning again. I haven't any books anymore…"
Sep 18, 2011
Ruth Martin left a comment on Art and Psyche
"Thanks for your reply!  Kali is well-established in India where she has been revered for centuries. But in the West, a new/old/reframed archetype...could take generations upon generations. I sure hope that this birthing of the feminine happens in my…"
Sep 13, 2011
Ruth Martin left a comment on Art and Psyche
"Les, What do you think Jung meant by this new age of the  undifferentiated feminine?"
Sep 13, 2011
Ruth Martin replied to Dorene Mahoney's discussion Big Dreams about the Economy? in The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
Great topic! I've been having the 'movie time' going on again. So many that I'm not able to recall much upon awakening. I just started calling it 'movie time' for lack of a better title. But I will search for this.  It is too prevalent to…"
Sep 4, 2011
Ruth Martin left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Bill re: "strictly Jungian" Like Lisa, I have done dreamwork since 1980 and also in and out of working with my analyst or Jungian Analyst friends.  I also have some great Jungian dictionaries. Would you like me to look something up for you?"
Aug 22, 2011
Ruth Martin left a comment on The Twilight Zone--Dreamwork
"Hi Bill, You haven't mentioned anything about how you feel about the box or the color, or the emanation (glow). This seems like a "feeling" dream to me. And something soft feminine to begin with. For this I would first ask your feelings and then I…"
Aug 22, 2011

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  • Hey Ruth, thanks for the welcome. Sorry so tardy in my response. Asbury Park is still in Monmouth, Co. NJ... I'm in Santa Clara from time to time, just started a new job (my day job) in Silicon Valley. The Mrs & I are considering moving to the Bay area, what with the new job and the kids finishing college soon. Only a BA in psych. I got a certificate from the Assisi Institute in Vermont, studying archetypal patterns. Finishing my MS this semester in computers. I hope to start a program at Pacifica in a few years... Stay in touch.  Again, thanks.
  • Hi Ruth, I'm back online and see that you have been sharing many cool things in Ritual Space. Yes, what is that difference we see in ourselves. It's subtle, but profound. I have come to believe that it is a growing coherence between what I think,feel, say and do. When we're younger and living out the values of others, words, deeds and deeper leanings don't line up (an imbalance between what's conscious and unconscious), and this creates chaos. Irrespective of mood, I find that I am more serene, for having done the depth work. I didn't find that, by the way, with other therapies. Interesting. I'm so glad you're in Santa Rosa!
  • Hi Ruth

    I am an introverted Intuitive as well and very low in sensate. However, living in this world teeming with technology we certainly get practice.

    Tell me about you.



  • Actually, I didn't get my degree at Pacifica. I got a masters in Depth Psychology at Sonoma State! I did take the 6-month program with Stephen Aizenstadt on DreamTending, which was out of this world! If you spent a lot of time at the SF Jung Institute, I'll bet you know a couple of special women in my life--Meredith Sabini was one of my instructors (fabulous), and I have actually worked with Virginia Beane Rutter. She's also wonderful. I'm too old and have too little money to get a PhD, but in another life . . . . However, SSU is where I was really first introduced to Jung and the whole panoply amazing depth thinkers, and it has changed my life dramatically--I'm a different human being for having done the academic and experiential work associated with my degree. Perhaps the single most amazing thing it changed in me was my approach to problem-solving. Now, as a management consultant and coach, I see symptoms of problems very differently--instead of immediately trying to get rid of them, I get curious about what they might be saying about the individual or organization as a whole. It's such a refreshing change!

    I'm glad that you like my collages--I did my thesis on them: "Images of Individuation: Using Collage to Understand and Transform Disquiet." It was an academic paper, but of course it was my own journey that they chronicle.

    I'm glad that you are enjoying the Depth Psychology Alliance--Bonnie Bright started it, and she was in my cohort at SSU. She's now getting her PhD at Pacifica.

  • Hey Ruth, welcome to the Twilight Zone! I see that we're neighbors--I'm in Rohnert Park. I'm guessing that you're a student at Pacifica?
  • Dear Ruth

    Thank you for your warm welcome and inquiry. I was not certain that I my attempt to join this forum had been successful. As Intuitives, sometimes the cyberworld can be daunting. The Marion Woodman Website is just recently updated and can be found under Marion Woodman Foundation.


    I look forward to being a part of this burgeoning creative community. 


    Blessings and Thanks!



  • Hi, Ruth, thanks for the support of this workshop. It is great to hear that you have experienced Stanley Krippner. I wrote a newsletter about the event which has a link on and I will happily offer updates.
  • Hi Ruth, I am so backwards when it comes to techie world issues.

    That said, I got your message and you can email me privately at  No junk, no sharing, please.  I look forward to your comments on symbols. Also, I am heading from Santa Barbara to Santa Rosa this work, where I have client work to do.  Perhaps we could meet for lunch? I will be there Tues. through Friday. Drop a note at


  • Glad to meet you, Ruth. I've been on Helen's panels a few times. She's a "pheeenom" as they say in this decade! The Enneagram is such a beloved tool. There's something about it that's so immediate, though depth psychology is, well, so "deep."  Warmly, Elizabeth
  • Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for your note about my workshop.  This will be the first time for this workshop (Journey to Self).  It grew out of my attempt to write the psycho/spiritual drama of my own myth of descent styled on that of Inanna.  I performed it a year ago for my "Coming of Elder Age" celebration.  In it I had to identify and give up 7 old beliefs that no longer serve my growth.  That was so well recieved by my guests that I decided to turn it into a workshop.  I look forward to sharing it with  the participants, and hope it leads to further developments.


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